Friday, March 20, 2009

Hip Hip Hurray for the USA!

I have these two customs listed on Ebay, see link on the left.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


After 4 years, countless failed attempts and thousands of dollars, the day has finally come. Today I am a single, divorced woman. I certainly wouldn't have ever thought this to be in the cards for me, I fully expected my marriage to work. And work at it I did, but unfortunately a successful marriage doesn't happen when it's only ONE person doing all the work!

And so today my divorce is finalized and I'm ready to move forward. Today doesn't really seem any different than yesterday, or even four years ago when he left us. Now the separation is just legal, and that's a good thing :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ship Ahoy, boy!

Nautical fun for the Caramelo launch today! Click the Ebay link on the left to see the listing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He rounds third and heads for home!

For 5 years I've been waiting for this. As a huge baseball fan, I couldn't wait for the day to sign up my son for Little League. He's had practice twice a week for about a month and this Saturday is Opening Day. And I can say without hesitation that HE LOVES IT!

How sweet is he in his knee pants and that gigantic batting helmet, you can barely see his eyes! He is wearing a "vintage" Padres hat (hand-me-down from big brother). I still need to pick up a belt that is small enough for his tiny waist as the one I bought could have wrapped around him twice.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Who am I to complain that business is going well? I've been hoping to find a niche and get orders and boy, am I ever!! I work for a few hours every night, appliquing little birthday shirts, cutting and sewing out letters, digging through my scraps to find just the right combination of prints and colors. I am not a speedy sewer. I like to make sure everything looks "just right" and tend to move a bit slower when I sew. In addition to that I am interrupted every 3 minutes by my five-year old with requests for food and drink (maybe I need to teach him how to run the foot pedel on the sewing machine? hmmmm...) Weekends in the past were spent in the "studio" but are now spent outside, chatting with the neighbor and playing soccer with the boys.

In any case, my calendar is jam-packed and my turnaround is stretching a bit. Though model samples are running behind my orders are still going out on time, I stay up past midnight to make sure of that! So...yawn...things are good, getting things done, staying busy, trying to have a life outside the studio and still keep the business going at the same pace is getting more challenging though.