Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Sweet Solution

So after I left the resale shop yesterday (see below), I was in tears. I called my mom and told her what happened. Mostly I was upset because I was counting on having money from the sales to use for the weekend. We are going to Las Vegas on a mini-vacation and with making the last payment on my divorce and having my sewing machine repaired, I was out nearly $500 this month and have absolutely no spending money for the trip ("hey kids, you don't really want to EAT on our vacation, do you?")
My mom reasurred me that it would be okay, my dad had set money aside for the trip and they would fill in with whatever we needed for the weekend. So...big sigh, I was feeling wiped out but okay by the time I got home from work that evening.

My little guy saw me pull up and ran to the fence to say hi. "Did you get a ticket Mom?"
What? A ticket? "No, I didn't get a ticket", I tell him laughing.
"Grandma says that lady didn't give you a ticket. You don't have a ticket for Las Vegas?"
Oh, he must have overheard my mom's conversation with me this afternoon. "It's okay, sweetie, we have the tickets for Las Vegas. We're still going."
He smiled coyly and said, "I have a ticket for you Mom, stay right there!" and then ran in the house. He returned a minute later, holding a dollar bill.
"I have this ticket for you for Las Vegas. I took it from my Piggy".

Awww, what a little sweetie pie! My mom told me later that when he heard I was upset about not getting any money from the woman at the shop, he went in his room and took the dollar out and told my mom he was going to give me the "ticket".
"He couldn't wait until you got home Julie", my mom told me, "he was so excited to give you the money".
Well, just that nice little gesture from my son really made a crummy day so much sweeter, that's for sure!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I should have just sold it on Ebay!

If you were a business and had a new store policy, wouldn't you make sure everyone knew about it? Wouldn't you tell people when they called? Wouldn't you post a big sign about the change?
I went to a children's resale shop today on my lunch break to sell a bunch of Ian's Gymbo clothes and shoes he'd outgrown. Everything was in a great shape, I washed everything, scrubbed the shoes with a Magic Eraser, no spots, no stains, all wonderful condition. I called the shop yesterday to verify their store buying times and what they were accepted. No baby clothes under 12 months? No problem, I took those out of my stack. I checked their website this morning and read over the policies again. They take 50% cash, 60% store credit. Sounded good to me! I clocked out from work just after 11am and drove to the shop.
It was packed full of ladies with the same idea. I checked in with the gal behind the counter (the owner I later found out) and she handed me the clipboard with the top two pages folded back and had me sign in and told me it might be a while. I wandered around the store, read the store policies again which were posted on the desk and wandered around some more. I noticed that some people who had come in after me were being taken first so I asked if my name had been skipped and she said that those people were selling equipment which took less time to review than clothes. So...on I waited. Over an hour I stood in that store waiting to be called. Finally! They took my two baskets back and I waited for them to tell me the amount. The owner eventually came out and said they could give me $52 store credit. Credit, no I didn't need the credit, I would rather take the cash. Sorry, she tells me, they aren't buying for cash on clothing right now, only store credit. I said that I'd reviewed their policies posted on the desk and online and it didn't say anything about only accepting clothing for credit. She said that with the economy, blah blah blah they had changed the policy and it was written on the clipboard and she showed me on the first page where it was written at the bottom of the list of sign ups. I said, "You folded that page back when you had me sign in, I never saw the new policy". Of course, by this time, I was getting emotional. When I get angry, I start to cry, darn it, so I was going to lose it big time. I was so mad after waiting all this time and now I was only going to get store credit for a shop with baby clothes (and you can't even use the credit for outdoor toys, probably the only thing I would ever buy there!). I told her, badly holding back my tears, that if she'd told me the new policy upfront I never would have waited so long, nearly two hours by this point. She asked me if I'd called before coming in and I told her yes. She said, "oh, they are supposed to mention the new policy on the phone, sorry I wish there was something I could do". UGH, you can give me the cash, woman!! In any case, I was so disappointed and upset by this time that I just left, my measly $52 credit logged into her system. She said as I was leaving, "Maybe if someone is having a baby shower, you could come in and use your credit that way!" Yeah, just what I want to do lady, give used clothing at a baby shower, humph!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Back to School custom this year!

I listed this whimsical Owls custom, ends this Friday. Set includes the appliqued blouse and double-layer skirt.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Little Bookworm

I listed this great 3-piece set last night. It's super-twirly, as the darling Emily is showing! My Ebay link is on the left handside of the page.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kiss the...Bacon?

My little guy and I went to Denny's for dinner last night. He had a postcard for a free meal from the Birthday Club. Thank goodness the waitress didn't ask about his birthday, I've been holding onto that card since he turned 4 in December! LOL
Since Denny's doesn't have his favorite broccoli cheddar soup on the menu anymore he decided upon the French toast sticks with a sausage and bacon slice. I am so very lucky to have been blessed with a fantastic eater. I've never had to cajole or beg him to try anything, he'll eat whatever is put in front of him and has a wonderful appetite. Let's just say he didn't get it from me, the Queen of Picky. But I tried from the start to offer him a wide variety, without fuss or pressure, and he's always at least taken a taste of something. He doesn't care for either baked or mashed potatoes, but that's about the only thing I can think of that I put on his plate that he doesn't really eat. For the most part he enjoys eating and always thanks us for cooking meals and readily cleans his plate.
Back to the breakfast for dinner...he picks up the bacon and declares loudly, "I LOVE bacon!" and proceeds to kiss the crispy slice, so silly! Then onto the French toast, sighing over each syrupy bite. After he was done the waitress told us that with the free meal he could have a sundae. He chose strawberry and when it came, he took the cherry off the top and has a repeat performance the same as the bacon, kissing the cherry, eating the cherry and then kissing the stem! Such a goof-ball! After a few scoops of sundae, he looks across at me and says, "I wish you would share this with me". Sigh! So sweet, and of course I obliged :)
Here is my silly guy, posing at the Sea World tide pools this past weekend. He's wearing a darling outfit from Carol of tictactogs. And yes, he'll eat seafood too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Castle Fit for Rapunzel

I was reminded of something I hadn't thought of in years today. Way back in the 7th grade (waaaay back LOL!), I had a drafting and drawing class. I loved it, definitely my favorite class. We learned about floor plans and architecture, perspective and depth. During one part of the class we learned how to draw castles. Castles are great for drawing because they have angles and curves and straight lines all together and can be made as elaborate or simple as you like. I hadn't even realized until today how much that class had affected my drawing skills.
There was a video tape we would watch of a man who would teach the lesson for the day. I think he had a show on PBS or something. One of the first things I remember was the "transparent box". We had to draw the box so that it was at an angle and then draw all the sides of the box as if it was clear, so you could see all the corners. After that, we moved to stairs, climbing straight up and then later at an angle and then a curving staircase. Then we made turrets, a curved shape with a triangle on top. Next we learned how to draw windows like a castle would have, curved on top with a windowsill. Finally to top off all those turrets, waving flags, curved so that they appeared to blow in the wind! Can't you just picture Rapunzel at the top? :)
I bet that I have at least one of my castle drawings in my keepsake box, I must have drawn a hundred of them!
Here is a picture of my little artist's work. I think I'll have to show him the castle-technique soon! This drawing was made earlier this year. It's a space man about to be eaten by something with lots of teeth. The crosses are stars and there is a line-up of aliens at the bottom, such a happy bunch!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How you doin'?

Mid-July already?! Whew, I'm in the thick of getting our holiday catalog to the printers so this week and next are really busy for me at work. Of course, most of the other departments in the company are slow but my department is not really ever slow! My family is going to Vegas in about 3 weeks, so I do have something to look forward to once this holiday catalog is off to press!

This is my guy on the 4th of July. This look is so typical of him, sort-of a "How you doin'?" ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Somewhere over the RAINBOW!

I have two new COLORFUL listings up this week, a pair of painted Wizard of OZ jeans and a fun Back-to-School outfit.

Click the link on the left side column to see all of my Ebay and Etsy listings!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

45 cents

I don't often need to take public transportation. I have a car, I go to and from work, there isn't any traffic and except for an occasional ballgame downtown, I don't really need to ride the trolley. This morning, I parked at one of the trolley stations close to my work, bought my round-trip ticket ($4.50) and boarded the trolley for downtown. I had to get fingerprinted for my rec center job. I've been teaching there for 10+ years and had my fingerprints taken when I first started but now there is a "LifeScan" computer system and I had to get them redone, at a cost of $65 ('s not like my fingerprints have changed in 10 years!) I was scheduled for last week but got a call that their new machine wasn't working and they would need to reschedule, so today was my new appointment.
Got to the Civic Center Plaza, as per the receptionist I took the elevator up, then as per the clerk on the third floor I took the elevator back down, went outside, around the building and in a different door LOL! The gal mashes and rolls my fingers on her special box, which then shows my prints on the computer screen. Darned pinky fingers took 3 times each, the computer kept flashing REJECT! Then she goes to take my picture and the camera and computer are not working together. Much fixing between her and two other employees. Got the camera working but have to do the print again, the computer didn't save the first round! More finger mashing, more REJECT! Then it was time to pay so I pull out my wallet...$60, $61, $61, $62 oops, no more bills. I open the change purse and fish out the big coins, counting out onto the counter, $63, $64...uh oh! I pull out a few more nickles and the rest are pennies, which I dump out onto the counter...oh, I am so embarrassed. One of the employees comes up to me when the other employee has her back turned and hands me 20 cents, I whisper thank you and add it to the pile. I'm still 45cents short, I can't even believe it!! Fortunately the employees are all very sweet about it. I offer a postage stamp that I found in my wallet and they all laugh and send me on my way, short the 45 cents. I can't believe I didn't have enough and the office wouldn't accept debit, it was either cash or check.
Got back on the trolley, drove to work and here I am. After lunch I opened up the little trinket box on my desk to see if I had enough for a treat out of the snack machine and laying there on the faux velvet was a quarter and two dimes :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So the day finally came and we went to the movies last night, my little guy and me. He's always so good at the movies, I think he just gets such a big kick out of going to the theatre. He really enjoyed the movie, as did I! On the way home I had to stop at the fabric store (of course! LOL) and get buttons and I bought him a blank sketchbook. The moment we got home he started on page one of the book and drew scenes from the film. I was amazed at the details he was able to remember, like how certain machines looked and what color the emblem on the Captain's hat was?! He's a hoot, and it kept him busy for a while...long enough for me to sew on those buttons!