Friday, February 21, 2014

First Annual Mother-Son Game Night

A few weeks ago Daniel and The Girl attended her very first Father-Daughter Dance. She wore a berry-colored sweater dress with metallic threads, white tights and her sparkly ruby slippers. We curled her hair (which I think was pin-straight again by the time she left the house!). Unfortunately they zipped out of the house so fast as she was determined not to miss one minute that I didn't even get a picture of them together!

However, in their absence The Boy, Baby D and I had our very first Mother-Son Game night!

The Boy LOVES to play games and darned if he's not a fantastic strategist. He always has been, since he was little. He picked up the rules quickly and will happily play games all day if you let him. He loves to learn and play, especially Parcheesi, card games, chess and this old fav...Yahtzee!

 photo 009_zps079008ba.jpg

Don't let this casual smile fool you, this kid was giddy with excitement at finally having a Game Night. It's a regular request from him that we don't often get to fulfill so I was delighted that we had our chance. I am not a fan of learning new games with confusing rules but Yahtzee, well, we go way back and it's one of the few I enjoy playing.

 photo 008_zps52e429f9.jpg

I don't think that Danny and The Girl were 30 seconds away from the house before The Boy was pulling out the dice and score cards.

 photo 010_zps62c213fb.jpg

If only you could see the bottom of that scorecard, you'd know how handily The Boy was whipping my butt! He's such a competitor!

Baby D happily sat in his highchair, coloring and arranging the crayons. Then he'd throw them all back in the bucket and start again, pulling them out one by one, drawing circles and lining them up.

 photo 005_zpsa8f91738.jpg

I am surprised we still have crayons that are still intact. He seems to be going through a phase where he likes to break them in half. I think he enjoys that snap!

 photo 004_zps712a7b74.jpg

After the fun and games were over, it was time for dessert! We sliced bananas and strawberries and served them over vanilla ice cream...yummy!

 photo 015_zpsca171676.jpg

We ate our ice cream by "candlelight", so romantic. Hey Boy, hope it's not too long before we have another fun evening together and maybe this time, you'll let me win?

 photo 007_zps0d8fcd18.jpg