Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 months


Technically I'm jumping the gun a bit here as he won't be seven months old until Monday but I have these sweet photos to share and Baby D deserves an update because a lot has been developing in the last few weeks.

As you can see, he's sitting up unsupported by himself for long periods of time. He still occasionally does the "weeble-wobble" thing and tips himself over but he just rolls over and scoots around. He's actually pretty close to being able to move from a push up position into a seated position.


Just yesterday he started really crawling on his hands and knees completely. He's deliberate, with big dinosaur-like hand movements and it's adorable to watch! He moved about 3 feet with his tummy completely off the ground.

And while Danny and I were chatting in the kitchen he crawled around our armchair and destroyed a page out of my new Martha Stewart Living...but I think he had a good time doing it!


He's definitely got a good appetite and rubs his lips together, fusses and says, "Mmmmm" anytime anyone is eating and not sharing with him! He's eating a good amount of puree every night now and I'm giving him soft bits (like smushed peas) to chew in his gums. I have some baby rice crackers that I break up and give him too but he doesn't have the pincher grasp yet so he doesn't know how to pick up the pieces. Good for not eating carpet lint, not so good when I'm trying to get him to feed himself!


He has started giving hugs too, but only to me. When I pick him up after a long day apart from each other, he will bury his head in my neck, scrunch up his little body and say, "Ahhhh!"
Totally heart melting!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nervous...and excited

The Boy's school shut down for good last week. After 50 years, his sweet little Catholic school closed. It was certainly a sad day for many. We've grown close to the families we've come to know over the last three years. Many of them are moving together to another Catholic school, so I'm happy that some will start third grade together.


We had a fun party at the park after school complete with a bounce house and a lovely cake that featured all their happy faces. When we left, one of the boys hugged my son and moped, "Goodbye, I'll never see you again" in just about the saddest voice ever. I sure hope that's not true!


I've asked my son how he feels about the changes. His response: "Nervous...and excited". He's been asking questions that I don't always know how to answer. I'm in the same boat as he is, pretty much, but I try and answer him without showing how little I know about the situation. He wants to know where his classroom will be, who his teacher is and where he'll eat lunch?

He is used to his small school, where there is only one classroom per grade, where he knew all the teachers and they all knew him, and where there was only one lunch area and everyone ate together (preceeded by prayers, of course).


My mom took him to the new public school (which is just down the block from where she lives). My nephew attends the school right now so he was able to show The Boy where the third grade class rooms and the lunch area are. He told him that there will be a board on the first day of school that shows a list of students and who the teacher will be.

We're going to miss all these familiar faces

I'm glad he's not just nervous. Nervousness is to be expected...heck, I'm nervous too! I'm sure that will only build for the both of us as the first day approaches.

But I'm very happy to hear that.

"Make new friends but keep the is silver and the other, gold"

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ups & Downs

Life has its ups and downs lately.


Baby D is starting to become more mobile. He started sitting up alone this week (though he still falls over frequently). He's not quite crawling yet but he's wiggling around the room and starting to get into things. Gone are the days of leaving him to lay on a blanket. My husband came downstairs this weekend to find the baby across the room, eating a pair of cardboard 3-D glasses from a DVD!


Also gone are the days of sleeping through the night. He's been waking between two and three a.m. to nurse. Fortunately he goes right back to sleep afterwards. I've been bringing him to my bed to sleep until the alarm clock goes off. Probably not the best habit to start, but a sleepy gal's got to do what she's got to do!


Baby D is starting to realize his own power, including phoney coughing, fake crying when I lay him down and blowing bubbles when I put a spoonful of food in his mouth, yuck. I would expect that dropping his cup from his highchair and throwing toys to get a laugh from his brother and sister will be coming soon!


Earlier this week he threw a fit when I took away a piece of paper from him. It was a full blown, arched-back fit, complete with a red-faced shriek. How did he learn to do that already?


He's developing a personality already. And we're experiencing a little of that vinegar along with the honey! Just as we already know the temperament of the older two, it will be interesting to see how this little one develops over the years.


He's already surprising us everyday!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Disney Baby - Photo contest

There is a baby photo contest on the Disney Baby website.

Babies have the chance to win $10K towards a college education as well as some other fun and unique prizes (like helping to open a new Disney store in LA, a "crawl on" TV role and a photo shoot for a Disney Baby print ad). You can enter pictures as often as you like and one is chosen each week by judges to win Disney Baby gear and to be a finalist for the grand prize.

I couldn't resist entering my little lump of love! I have this photo of Baby D entered (as well as a great many others, I couldn't resist!). This is my newest favorite picture of him, I love his sweet little expression! Even if you aren't chosen by the judges, the Fan Favorite (the photo with the most votes) wins a dream vacation!


Please put in a vote for Baby D, if you get a chance! You can vote once per day.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little at a time - Nursery Project

Remember this project, the Under the Sea mobile? I started planning it first, here.

After much procrastination, I did finally get all the creatures sewn and the rings painted but then Baby D was born and all the pieces just sat in the craft bag. A few months ago I pulled them out and enlisted my husband's help in hanging everything up. We used fishing monofilament so the creatures look like they are just floating above his crib.



This little guy is my favorite.

But the button-encrusted sea stars are a close second!


Baby D does seem to enjoy looking at them, floating over his bed.


I realized I'd purchased these felted balls but never put them on! I'd intended to sew them along the fishing line to look like bubbles.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Oh well, I guess I'll either save them for another project or put them on some other time.

I did finally finish his Finding Nemo cross stitch and I bought a big frame for it and everything...and that was the problem because the frame was too big! I was thinking I'd sew a little patchwork around the sewn part so it will fit in the frame but haven't had a chance to do it yet.


And everything matches this quilt that I made before he was born.


My next nursery project will be to finish painting this tryptec. I did the gradation of blues and greens but haven't figured out yet what I want to do on the rest.


I'm hoping I can at least have all this done before his first birthday...six more months!