Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The holidays turned him into a wild thing!

My son is into his second week off from school and I'm realizing now what a benefit putting him on a schedule has been. Since he started school in September, his days have been fairly regulated, starting with rising at 6am, school till 2:30pm, home for a while with Grandma & Grandpa until I come home from work, dinner, school work, reading, brushing teeth and off to bed before 8pm. The schedule has been working, he seems to enjoy the routine actually.

With him off school for two weeks though, we've been a little lax on the routine. He's home with my parents while I go to work so he's not waking until around 8am which of course pushes back the bedtime. Last night he couldn't fall asleep until 9:45pm! He's been playing a lot of video games during the day while I'm at work, lounging a lot inside, watching TV, and as my nephew hasn't been coming over (since his mom is off work), my son hasn't even been going outside to play. I think that the excess energy isn't getting burned off during the day because he's been a bit of a WILD THING come bedtime. He's been back to his old habits, getting goofy, not wanting to brush his teeth, asking for another snack, anything to delay getting into bed really. I mean I'm all for relaxing a bit but when I can see that it's affecting the mood and behavior of a child who is so much better behaved with a little structure, I'm anxious to get him back onto his routine and see my sweet and cooperative kid again!

Here he is, celebrating the holidays (by jumping in front of the tree when I was taking pictures!)

Friday, December 11, 2009


It's been soooo long since I posted on my blog! And do you know WHY? It's not like I neglected to visit, in fact I check my blog every day so that I can go visit my favorite blog sites, so that's not it. And it's not like I haven't had anything to write about either...lots to discuss, including my son starting school, Halloween, his birthday, etc, so that's not it either.

It's a really silly reason....

I forgot my password!!

Seriously! I kept trying to log in and getting rejected. I tried so many different incarnations of my usual password, adding letters and numbers.

Finally today I tried something different...I signed in with my other email address...duh! LOL It worked, so here I am!

And because it's been so long, here I am catching up...