Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hanging in there

It's been such a bummer around here, I've not felt much like posting for fear of being a big ol' downer.

But here is the last two weeks in a nutshell:

Kids all sick with colds and missed some school. My PTO hours are dwindling fast!

The house with the two fireplaces didn't work for us after the home inspection so we've moved on to something else (we do have something else lined up but since I keep spilling the beans, things keep falling through so I'm staying mum for now!).

We were all well enough to attend a birthday party. Hurray, finally something fun! But as we were leaving the party the baby slipped and fell on some gravel in the driveway and cut open his lip. Boo...he still has a yucky little scab on his upper lip that is slowly healing. It doesn't bother him one bit of course.

Our cable box and remotes haven't been working for about three weeks. After nightly calls to customer service, we were finally given a temporary solution but this means we have to stand within a foot of the box to change the channel (why even need a remote at that point?!). Still no real permanent solution and this is getting annoying. Fortunately tonight I'm able to watch Project Runway, I've not been able to see it for the last two weeks with the cable issues.

Had to take Baby D back to urgent care tonight because he's had this stupid cold consistently since Christmas. He started getting feverish again and a bit of a wheeze with the cough. They said he still has an ear infection and prescribed a second round of antibiotics along with an inhaler. And $90 later...sheesh!

The Boy received back his progress report and this trimester was improved over the first. I'm glad to see that he's finally settling in at the new school though he's yet to find a good friend. He needs to click with someone soon and develop a nice friendship, I'm praying for that because he says he's still a bit of an outsider right now.

And the heartbreaker of the week, my dad got very ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. With all his chemo side effects, it was hard to pinpoint the issue but I think they have decided it is the flu. He's still there in the ICU... resting, getting poked and prodded, receiving intravenous fluid, watching TV, getting his blood pressure normal, taking in oxygen and getting better. No more chemo for now, they have to get him healthy first. He should be released in the next few days. We miss him around the house! And the baby has taken to saying, "Grampa?" and putting out his hands like, "Where is he?!".

So there is the update! Told you it was a bummer.

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So what fun things have we been doing?

Went out with my sister-in-law for dinner last weekend. She's 9 months pregnant with the baby due Feb 15th and she was excited for an evening out before her third little boy arrives. With an (almost) 4 year old and an 18-month old, "girl's nights" are few and far in between so getting to meet up with her was so great.

The following day after church I see on Facebook that my brother-in-law has posted that they were at the hospital delivering the baby! She'd started having contractions and delivered her sweet guy that morning! Hope it wasn't the onion rings, Samantha! Looking forward to holding my new nephew soon.

Went to dinner & a movie with girlfriends (wow, two girl's nights in one week! Really, though... I deserve it!). Got to see Les Miserables and of course, wept through it. Side effect of seeing a movie with catchy songs is that I couldn't sleep that night because those beautiful songs kept running through my head. And for the following two days afterwards!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Looking forward to being able to go out with my husband this weekend for Valentine's Day. No idea what we are doing but we are doing something! I bought my husband exactly what he wanted for a gift. This set of three levels, he'll be so happy!

Practical guy, after my own heart... I want one of those robot things that sweeps and mops the floors!

We also joined a small group through church that will be studying this book, Soul Revolution. We need to eek out time to read it now. Having a crappy TV cable box will probably help with that.

And Pinterest. Lots and lots of dream home pins! Hoping to have more fun stuff to share (and no more yucky stuck, okay?!).

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