Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fun things, finally!!

I suppose it's been WAY too long since I posted.

To be honest, I was waiting for something good to happen. Something fun!

But well, that wasn't much likely around here, not with all of this year's drama. So add to the list my stepdaughter's overnight in the hospital for some mystery infection and extreme dehydration, another night in the ER with my dad after he had a transitory stroke and then a 12-hour stomach flu hitting every single one of us (it caused the baby to pass out it was so violent and sudden and that was another ER visit for us).

SO...another dramatic few weeks for us. And I was hoping for normal. Boring is underrated. I want boring. I really want boring!!

Thank goodness for this Elmo video. It is the only thing that will hold his attention so I can lay down. photo 804114_10200788708023508_1832470856_n.jpg
The Elmo video that we watched over and over because it bought me 30 minutes of rest time when I was laying around with the stomach flu!

Okay, enough of that. I do have a few fun things to share, finally!

We should be closing on the house in the next few days. We have the final walkthrough sometime this week and can start moving in at some point after that. The water & electric is already in our name as the current owners were having it shut off. Ack, it's finally starting to feel more real! We have quite a bit to do around here but most of the stuff is packed just not the daily things, like our clothes, dishes, food, computer, pots and pans or soaps yet. That will have to wait until the actual move-in day, we need most of that stuff until then.

Another fun thing. It was The Girl's 9th birthday this weekend.

Sunny day photo 803382_10200809097453231_1309301639_n.jpg
All three

My husband had to work overtime so I packed up all three and we headed to Balboa Park for the morning. It was crowded as there was a science fair and the St Patrick's Day parade scheduled at the same times so parking was difficult.

 photo a428725e-c6de-46d8-baf7-82569e53cbbc_zpse97e6d01.jpg
The kids in Balboa Park

But a little walking didn't bother us and we enjoyed the nice day. They had a release of painted lady butterflies in the Zoro Garden that was lovely. We ate lunch at the cafe, walked around and looked at the exhibits and admired the pink cherry blossoms in the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Balboa Park photo 803396_10200808790485557_1077825826_n.jpg
At the butterfly release

And walking back through the Art Studios, there was a booth with ice cream, hurray! Brownies & cream for the baby and I, peppermint-chip for The Boy and plain ol' vanilla for The Girl. It was a nice treat and something we don't usually do so that made it even more special.

Neiderfranks! photo 862636_10200809035531683_750307961_n.jpg
Ice cream cones!

The kids ran around on the grass a bit after they ate their cones, chasing butterflies and enjoying the grass and sunny weather.

By the Balboa Park Railroad photo 862152_10200809076332703_1452318714_n.jpg
Running around on the grass

We headed back home in the afternoon and the baby napped and the kids watched Disney Channel until Danny got home, then we headed to Costco for pizza.

Picking up pizzas photo 803373_10200810095958193_925533897_n.jpg
Waiting for Dad to get the pizzas

We met the family at my parents, ate pizza and salad, drank Fresca and beer, sipped root beer floats and nibbled rainbow cupcakes (The Girl's request).

It was so great to have my dad up and about, able to eat without discomfort and socialize outside. During the last party (for his birthday) he was in so much pain from the chemo. The doctor has postponed any more treatment for two months until his health is improved. But he's off the oxygen, moving around fine and most importantly, has completely stopped smoking. My prayer for the last 30 years has been answered!

With Grandpa photo 862001_10200810233201624_1259425854_n.jpg
A snuggle from Grandpa

As the weather cooled down, Danny fired up the logs and we sat around the fire pit chatting until long after the sun had set. It was a wonderful evening or as The Girl said, "The best birthday ever!".

And finally, a day to write about!

New backpack photo 861529_10200810654892166_900407312_n.jpg
The birthday girl with her new backpack

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Anonymous said...

These simple, fun, family days are the ones your kids will remember long after they've grown. Sweet memories!