Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling nostalgic

Last week my littlest hit the half-birthday mark. We didn't celebrate it or anything but it made me nostalgic for when he was a baby. I recalled him learning to walk at the tiny age of 10 months (too small!), his voracious appetite (he still has that!) and his first words.

Even though the pace has slowed, he still has so many new changes coming. He'll be starting school for the first time this fall after only spending his days with Grandma & Grandpa at home for the first five years. He'll be starting Karate classes, something he's been requesting for years! And of course, the change in his face with the anticipation of more lost teeth (see photo below for the first example!).

I'm nervous, worried and terribly excited for all these changes coming in his life. He's taking it all in stride!

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