Monday, April 8, 2013

Barn Light Electric - A Pinterest Contest Win!

I won a contest!

And not just any contest, this one was a judged Pinterest contest that required creativity and time to get it just right. I won $550 worth of lighting and accessories from Barn Light Electric.

I found the contest on Sweeps Advantage and pinned my dream home ideas along with Barn Light Electric's lovely vintage-style fixtures. You can see my pin here (if you are Pinterested).

Everyone who has contacted me from the company has been so incredibly sweet and practically as excited as I am! They even had their blog writer contact me with questions for a blog feature you can read here.

I received a message from them with details on what I won:

Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce

Schoolhouse Pendant Light

Set of 4 Enamelware cups

House numbers in white

Edison spiral light

Still figuring out exactly where we are going to install the lighting. The wall sconce will go outside on the patio for sure. We are anxious to get that area looking good so we can host some summer parties in a few months.

Not sure about the placement of the Schoolhouse pendant. Ideally I'd want it over the kitchen sink but the tile in there would really clash with the pretty jadeite stripe. Think I can talk Danny into ripping out the yellow/brown/green glass tile and putting in something else to match my lovely new lamp? Probably not!

The enamelware cups are so cute and we'll probably use them at the dinner table for the kid's milk. Our current house numbers are black so I think the white numbers they are sending will stand out better. Can't wait to put more character on the front of the house, it's currently really really boring! And isn't that Edison lightbulb great?!

I am so excited to receive my box of goodies. I'll be sure to share once we have things installed too!

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