Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend

So, we are moved into our new house!

New house!! photo 908536_10200895916743659_455124055_n.jpg

Not much to share there as we are still arranging furniture and unpacking a few boxes a day as time allows. But it's coming along and as soon as I can, I'll share some more details and photos. Our goal is to get the garage of boxes emptied and all items put in place inside the house. Then Danny is going to scrub and sanitize the garage floor...it stinks like cat pee in there from the prior tenants, yuck!

Boxes photo B6D7CA83_zpsdcf5d196.jpg

While Danny & his uncle spent Saturday morning finishing up the packing and moving, my mother-in-law and I took the kids to the rec center that I teach at for their annual egg hunt. It was crowded, noisy and the lines were long. And when the clouds burned off, it got very warm. The Girl was having a hard time and had a meltdown. Fortunately my mother-in-law was able to remove her from the crowd and take her to a quiet room to calm down while the boys waited for the pony rides.

 photo 5FC2043B_zps60a9b4eb.jpg
The Boy rode the loop on the horse

 photo 65929554_zpsb3927409.jpg
But Baby D only posed for a quick picture before he was ready to get down

 photo 8DEFA886_zps822fa849.jpg

 photo 54989534-orig_zpseb577722.jpg

They rode the train, hunted for eggs and one of the four eggs that Baby D got in his basket was a winner and he was gifted with this great baby-themed Easter basket!

 photo 0D9CD6DD-orig_zpsa130f5cf.jpg

Yes, that really is a black widow spider painted on The Girl's cheek... She had said she was going to get a dalmation puppy face but when she sat down I think she got flustered and just looked at the boy across from her and requested what he was getting!

I dropped the kids off at my parents and my mother-in-law and I cleaned the apartment for a few hours. We spent the late afternoon at my aunt's house for the triplet's birthday party. There was a huge bounce-house/slide and the kids burned off their energy. Baby D was so happy with the balloons all over the living room!

 photo 564E4E35_zps0a35b3b5.jpg
The Boy had fun with this silly mask

By the time we got home that evening Danny had already set up the furniture and everyone had a bed to sleep in (without sheets though because we just couldn't find the linens box!). Man, what a day, I was wiped out!

Sunday was Easter and despite the chaos in the house, the Easter bunny still brought treats (sans baskets because they were packed who-knows-where!).

 photo E2916846_zps57c466dd.jpg
The Boy

 photo C6C460E3_zps8791084e.jpg
The Girl

I guess I forgot to take a picture of the baby's stuff but he got a fluffy stuffed bunny, the book Guess How Much I Love You, a Target dollar spot Elmo board book and a much-needed new Elmo DVD. He was very excited about that DVD and showed everyone in the house. Now we just need to hook up the TV and DVD player!

I failed to get even one photo of the kids in their Easter finery. Oh well, maybe next year things won't be quite so crazy. We spent the afternoon after church doing more unpacking and then had a nice dinner at my parent's.

One final thing...

Checking out the fish tank with the neverending sick baby photo 907316_10200908226491395_2119574142_n.jpg
Checking out the fish tank in pediatrics

Unfortunately Baby D is on his third double-ear infection of the year and we spent yesterday evening in urgent care, getting another prescription. Prayers for good health as we certainly don't need another round of illness in our house!

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