Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Day at the Shore

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful place like San Diego, California.

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While much of the country is blanketed in snow, we spent the afternoon walking along the coast in La Jolla, with amazingly clear skies and temperatures in the perfect mid-70s. There were no goosebumps on arms nor were there sunburns or sweaty necks. It was just perfect weather. A lucky day for sure.

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Daniel and I are San Diego natives and love our city. However, we just don't get to be tourists in our own city often enough. Baby D has only been to the beach one time in his two years. I have only been to La Jolla a handful of times. There are too many popular attractions in SoCal that need to be checked off my bucket list!

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We were considering Disneyland today but Danny confessed to me that he was just too tired to do an amusement park weekend. I don't blame him, he's been working out of town with a 3 hour commute each day. He decided that he'd like to take the kids to the tide pools today and so that's what we did.

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To be honest, all but one of the times I've ever been to La Jolla it has been overcast and gloomy. Danny and I spent our honeymoon evening there at the La Valencia hotel after a day of pouring rain and it only eased enough for us to take a quick walk the next day.

But today...well, today took the cake. It was just gorgeous and we were able to walk aside the "Children's Pool", where the kids watched the seals laying on the sand for a bit. Baby D stared out into the ocean, just watching the waves crash over and over against the cliffs.

 photo 017_zps3dfa85b1.jpg

We wandered past a restaurant with barbeque smoke billowing out and just couldn't resist the smell, we had to have lunch!

La Jolla lunch photo 1079452_10202930573888816_903428229_n.jpg

Look at this crazy spread! We actually swapped out the tri-tip for brisquet because the former was a bit too fatty for our liking (the chef actually agreed) and the brisquet was tender enough to cut with a fork.

Oh baby photo 1080136_10202930592289276_922596771_n.jpg

There were only a few slices of brisquet left when we were done eating!

 photo 034_zpsf3e5192b.jpg

After lunch we wandered back to the water where the older two slipped and slid along the wet rocks to peek at sea creatures that had settled in with the tides. Baby D and I sat safely above the cliffs, watching the kids and listening to the waves.

 photo 032_zpsc0fdc647.jpg
Baby D, watching the big kids in the water below

 photo 036_zps0aef358e.jpg

I looked behind me at the lovely homes with the rocking chairs on the front porches and imagined being able to sit there and watch the sun set over the water each night. What a small blessing. Just to watch the sun set over the ocean. I mean I can watch it set at my house too, I suppose but watching it sink down into the horizon, that is just something special.

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The sun was setting on a lovely day. The kids walked back to the car in their bare feet and we went home, got in our jammies and ate ice cream and watched a family movie. Here's to our small blessings.

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Mary said...

Disneyland is fun, but that day sound PERFECT.

and I have to say--you look great! I only "know" you from here, but the picture of you and Danny is great!

Julie Bigboy said...

Thank you Mary! I've been watching my diet for about 4 months and have lost 11 lbs, I'll have to blog about my journey with that when I get closer to my goal :)

Paula Prass said...

We moved to the San Diego area 2 1/2 years ago and we feel like we are on an extended vacation. We've had so many visitors coming from the Midwest so we feel like tourist guides. So much to do and see for free. Of course, we usually hit LaJolla and do most of the same things you did. We are truly blessed to live in this amazing place!