Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot Toy

I've never been the Mom who buys the HOT TOYS for Christmas. Fortunately my boys are always pleased with what they do receive, which is usually plenty of board games, crafts and art supplies, books, and yes, even the new toothbrushes in the stocking! I rarely buy them anything that requires a battery or needs to be plugged in. I've never recieved a request for any terribly expensive electrical things...yet. Of course, they are only 5 and 10 and there is still plenty of time for that, right?

This year I bought them their first video game player. Other family members pitched in and have bought some of the accessories and some games. I think that the boys are going to flip out! They would never suspect that I would buy them such a thing. I'm dreaming of all the fun times they will have playing together (ha! I'm just hoping that they won't argue about what games to play and this will actually be something that they will do together!)

Doing the YMCA with Elmo (who I did NOT buy!)

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