Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Blogging

I've had the hardest time trying to collect up anything good to write. Not that anyone reads this blog anyway, but I do enjoy the writing practice! Random thoughts...My bangs are getting a bit long and could use a trim. My son's t-ball practices are way too long and it doesn't help that the coach gets there late. I'm looking forward to spring break since he doesn't have any games or practices for a week and a half. I'm so glad that my dad's health is holding up; you still can't even tell that he's sick. I want to take a day off work and go to Disneyland. I wish the dry skin on the bottom of my feet would go away, scraping it and lotioning doesn't seem to be working yet. The nightly walks with my neighbor are doing me good. I've lost over 16 lbs and I don't even think about food half as much as I used to (I did have a doughnut before lunch today though. Guess I have to treat myself sometimes?). My new lens should be arriving in the mail today so I'm looking forward to taking some fresh photos!

Guess that about does it for a few days. I'll think of something better to write about soon :)

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