Friday, June 18, 2010

My Graduate

He had the LOOK. Eyes averted and shifty, mouth closed and struggling at the corners not to smile. It's familiar to me - when he's crazy-excited about something, slightly embarrassed that everyone's eyes are upon him and when all he really wants to do is burst out with a huge smile...but he's doing his best to surpress it.

Walking in the church

He had his kindergarten "graduation" this week. In addition to the graduation certificate, he also received a special award for achievement in Math (where in the heck did that skill come from?! Not from me, that's for sure!)

Receiving his certificates from Principal Mrs Pate and Father Ron

They lined up at the altar and sang a song. He's been stressed out about memorizing all the lyrics but he seemed to do just fine (or maybe he lip synced well?)

My disheveled boy (tuck your shirt in!)

Afterwards, we went to the hall for cake & lemonade. Ian was able to run around with his buddies for a while, likely the last time he will see them until September when they are all First Graders (yikes!)

Me & my Boy

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