Monday, July 12, 2010

Nickle & Diming it at the Fair


A week ago today I had the day off work. We had been given free tickets to the San Diego County Fair (-$26 value) so my son & I drove up there for the day. My fiance had left early in the morning to take the 12 hour drive to New Mexico to visit his dad (two whole weeks!) so I knew this would be a good opportunity for my son & I to have a little fun alone together. He's still young and craves alone time with mom that is few & far in between so I was happy to accomodate!

We parked for free at the Horsepark (-$10) and took the shuttle over, which dropped us off right at the entrance. Nothing better than free parking and curbside service, seriously so much better than paying for parking and still having to hike a half-mile out to your car!

We started by walking through some of the livestock barns, feeding goats (+50 cents), and headed over to the infield where the kid's rides are (+$20). My son was in hog-heaven! Generally he's not a big fan (his words) of fast carnival rides, but something must have gotten into him that day because he was ready to jump in and ride anything.


After a lunch (burger for me, +$7 and a turkey leg for him, +$9, free soda from the coupon book -$3.50), we headed over to the kid's art tent. My son had drawn a picture in the theme of the day and the judges were impressed, in particular with his description of it I think, and awarded him a first place ribbon! I have to be honest and say that this isn't his best work but it's adorable. As he describes this, it is a bottle of water, a plate of spaghetti & meatballs, the top of an asparagus, and a hamburger, all sitting atop a red & white checkered tablecloth. He is so PROUD of his ribbon!


We saw my fiance's grandma, who is a concessions supervisor and she refilled our drink (-$3.50), thanks Nana! Watched a funny little puppy show & he ate more off the turkey leg, which I'd kept wrapped up in my shoulder bag.

Instead of trekking back through the crowds, we decided to take the sky lift and save ourselves some walking (well worth the +$6!). Watched a band play, bought some Tasti Chips (+$6, another free soda from the coupon book -$3.50). Wandered around in the garden section and hawkers (wooden snake toy for the boy, +$3), watched pig racing and demolition derby while eating cotton candy (+$4), which was his one "sweet treat" request. Finally decided to dump the turkey leg, which at this point had been well-gnawed. After the monstrously LOUD demolition derby we were both feeling tired & headachy and decided to head home. We'd been at the fair for 8 hours, on our feet for most of that time and had had a wonderful time.

Final score:
Spent $43.50
Saved $46.50

I don't think we made out to badly on that deal...and a day with my boy & a blue ribbon to top it all off is priceless :)


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