Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Thoughts - Rain delay, Boppy, Field & Stream

1. We had to cancel The Boy's early birthday party a few weeks ago and rescheduled for this past weekend. It poured rain all day that Saturday and with the budget party planned at the lake, that would have been quite a disaster!

The Boy's birthday cake last year

Of course, another storm was expected this weekend too so we had to cancel the party outright. It's just getting too close to the Thanksgiving holidays now and who knows when the baby will come. There are plenty of indoor venues but I don't really have the $300+ budget for that. So disappointing to have to cancel.

And guess didn't even rain *frown*

2. The baby's space is really coming along. My husband brought over the desk from my parent's house and I bought a changing table pad to convert the desk into a diaper changing space (just need to secure the pad with the strap under the desk). I made two covers with my coordinating nursery fabric. I also picked up a Boppy pillow and made a few covers as well. My husband was happily surprised ("You made these?!") but probably more for the frugality of it than the actual sewing skills *wink*

All my sweet baby's room fabrics

Still need to buy a comfy chair and then at some point, the crib. But really, quite a bit is already purchased and in place. The diaper bag is stocked and ready to grab when we head to the hospital. I have my hospital bag in the closet with a few travel items inside but of course, I can't really finish packing until I go into labor because I need some of the items in the meantime (like my glasses and the only pair of maternity long pants I own!).

3. This weekend was our 1st Wedding Anniversary. My husband and I had a gift certificate to P.F. Changs, so that's where we went for dinner. Neither of us had been there before but looked at the menu beforehand online and made our decisions. Wow, what a meal!! We're still basking in it. We very rarely go out to eat, but this was such a terrific dinner.

What a difference a year makes!

I can't believe that last year I was scrambling to get the wedding details all in place and this year I'm scrambling to get the baby details all in place! Hey, it rained last year on our wedding day...that should have been my first clue in scheduling outdoor parties this time of year!

Me, in all my round 37-weeks-and-5-days-pregnant-glory!

4. I bought my husband a subscription to Field & Stream magazine as a Christmas present and the first issue arrived this weekend. The poor guy, he has to analyze everything, he has the hardest time just accepting. "Why did you buy this? Is it too late to cancel? Reading this magazine is going to make me want to do all this and I can't. How much did this cost? There are so many advertisements in this thing!"
I told him there was no reason to get all anxious and stressed out about a magazine, honestly, there are bigger fish to fry. I think it's more of an issue with handling a surprise gift and not knowing how to react. Is this a man-thing? I don't know, maybe it's just a "him" thing. He agreed, in the end, that it would all be's just a magazine!


5. My husband gave me a lovely diamond Journey necklace for our first anniversary present. Of course, our anniversary is November 20th, but he gifted me with it about 2 months ago because he JUST couldn't wait!!

I asked him last week what he wanted for an anniversary present, knowing he'd probably say nothing. He was upstairs, getting ready to take a shower and called down the stairs, "I want a subscription to Field & Stream!"

Smart aleck!

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