Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving thanks on the eve of labor

Thursday started off with a bang. Danny & I were relaxing in the morning, chatting in bed and we heard the phone ring. It was just barely 7am and he said to me, "Wanna bet that's Nana calling to check on the turkey?".

Smart man...she'd already called a few times on his cell and a few on mine, making sure that he'd started the bird!

My Mother-in-Law's beautiful table decor

The night before, Nana had brought over all the fixings for the stuffing including homemade corn bread, precisely chopped veggies and specific instruction on the preparation. The turkey was defrosted and ready to go.

There was nothing left to do but to start the process so we whirled into action. Danny prepared the stuffing and stuffed the turkey. I peeled 10 pounds of russet potatoes and got the mashed potatoes made. In between basting we took advantage of our day off. Danny cleaned out our closet and got a bunch of clothes ready to donate to the church thrift store, I finished some fabric boxes for the nursery, put away some laundry and puttered around with the older kids, helping them organize their toys.

My husband's tasty handiwork

We ate a light lunch of cheese, crackers and cold cuts and when the turkey was finished, Danny packed everything into the truck and off we drove to Grandma's house (a whole 7 minutes!).

I'll take a little bit of each...

Everyone was there, scuttling around in the tiny kitchen. The dining table was spread with a huge variety and my mother-in-law had beautifully laid out the tables.

Set and ready for the diners

Danny set to work carving the turkey and I took a few pics of the kids outside while we waited.

Eager for turkey dinner


Everything was heavenly...seriously, so wonderful. I don't often eat so much in one sitting because, well my 9-month pregnant belly mashes my stomach as flat as a pancake. I did take small bits of all my favorites though and before I knew it, my plate was full! My husband's aunt & uncle had brought a savory stuffing with herbs and veggies from their garden and a homemade pumpkin pie from one of their garden pumpkins. My mom & dad had picked up Marie Callendar's pies, including a tangy Razzleberry...delicious!

A variety of delicious pies, store-bought & homemade

After sitting and chatting for a few hours afterwards, we took the kids home, bathed them and got them to bed. Danny & I, wiped out after a day on our feet in the kitchen, went to bed shortly afterwards. I thank goodness we both got a good night's rest, not knowing what was in store for us the following day. I'm also glad I ate a large dinner, since I wouldn't be eating anything but ice chips and a cup of broth the following day!

Next up, labor begins!

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