Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back in the Groove

Baby D is now 12 weeks old.


And it's time for me to get back into the groove of exercise.


The eating "good" thing is going well, though a challenge sometimes with Christmas (sugar cookies, ham, mashed potatoes, etc) and Valentine's Day (chocolates and Conversation Hearts). And those gosh-darned Girl Scouts!

Darned you, Valentine's treats!!

But healthy dinners are being eaten at home and lunch is being brown bagged, so I'm doing tons better in that area.

However, I've not done a stitch of cardio in months. Unless you count taking the baby on leisurely walks in the stroller, and I can't really count that (can I?).

I think that posting here and keeping myself accountable could help. I also started back into logging food & exercise on Sparkpeople. It's nice to see your day's worth logged out with a caloric count as a guideline. Fortunately I'm nursing, so I have a bit more allowance in the way of calories. And that's a good thing because most of the time, I am STARVING!

A few weeks before delivery

At 12 weeks postpartum, I am 8 lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. I was nowhere near this after The Boy. But back then, I was stressed out with his impending surgery, I didn't have as much co-parenting support, I wasn't getting enough sleep, and I certainly wasn't eating as well back then (McDonald's anyone?).

This time the good eating got me back into my jeans just two weeks after delivery. And this weekend, I was able to zip back into my smallest pair. But the squish that resides above the waistband was a reminder that good eating can only get me so far...

A month after delivery, thank goodness this photo doesn't show the lower half!

So I signed up yesterday at the gym. The goal is for 30-40 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of strength training (at least), three times a week.

After I got the kids to bed, Danny was home so I went to the gym last night.

Today, I am sore. But it's a good kind of sore, I guess. My muscles are saying, "Hey, I haven't been worked in a while!" but it's good. I am a bit tired however. After exercising, coming home to shower and crawling into bed, it was after 9:30pm. When Baby D woke up to eat at 1am, it was very hard to get up! And when the alarm clock went off at 5:30am, it was again, very hard to get up.

My body will get used to it. I used to be quite athletic and keep reminding myself that I have "muscle memory" and these familiar feelings will emerge again and I'll be excited to get in the gym.

For now, I'll admit, it's hard to get off the sofa and get out of the house when I'd usually be getting into my pajamas.

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