Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthdays, Keys, & Bowls of cereal



It was The Girl's birthday the day before St Patrick's Day. Danny & I planned a small get-together with family to celebrate both her and The Boy's birthday. We had intended to have it at the lake, where we could enjoy the sun and the kids could run around. Of course, The Boy's birthday got rained out twice when we tried planning a party for him at the same location back in November.

You can see where this is going right?

It poured buckets this weekend, of course. Fortunately my mother-in-law agreed to hosting at her house and we piled everyone inside. It worked out quite nicely actually. We organized some simple games (pin the tail on the donkey, hot potato, blindfolded-cotton-ball-scoop), ate lunch and cupcakes and opened presents. There were lots of little ones (11 kids!) and plenty of adults to chase them around the house.



Baby D is eating from a spoon. It started off shakily.

Well, actually he screamed and arched his back after a few bites and meal time was over quite quickly! I tried again the next day and got the same result.

So Daddy tried on the third day and voila! Success!

You can tell that Daddy fed him because he's covered in food. I can't stand having his face messy so I always wipe between bites!

And the following day again, he finished off the entire bowl. After a week of eating rice cereal we tried freshly pureed sweet potato. He loved it and polished off the entire amount...then proudly held on to the bowl and spoon.



I've had bad luck with keys this week. We keep our sets of keys on a triple hook next to the front door so there is never any scrambling to find them in the morning. If they aren't on the hook, then I know they are in the front pocket of my purse.

Tuesday morning my husband had errands to run in preparation for starting a new job the following day so he took my economical little car and left me with the gas-guzzling truck. I grabbed the truck keys & headed to my first destination of the day: Dropping off Baby D at my parent's house. Generally my folks are still sleeping at 6:30am when I get there, so Baby D just sleeps in his car seat until they all get up. I just set him in the bedroom and tip-toe out. Unfortunately I realized when I got to their front door that I didn't have the house key on the keyring with the truck keys. I keep their key on my car keyring, oops!

I knocked. I knocked again. I rang the door bell. Nothing. I finally had to go out to the truck, get my phone out of my purse and call my dad, who opened the front door. Thank goodness for cell phones!

Wednesday morning Danny headed off to the new job, which is an hour drive North. He was so excited and nervous and had prepped everything the night before. Except apparently he forgot about his new tape measure. He'd left it in the truck. So at 4am, he got the tape measure out of the truck and drove my car to work. It wasn't until he got to the job site that he realized he had both sets of keys in his pocket. He'd unlocked the truck to get the tape measure and didn't remember to put the keys back on the hook.

So I was home, stranded with a truck but no way to drive it. Fortunately I was able to work remotely from home. The Boy was sick and had planned on staying home from school at my parent's house anyway so I just kept him with me. He just bundled up in a blanket on the sofa all day watching Animal Planet.


Helping Baby D with tummy time

Tummy time is getting better. He's actually improved a lot in just a few weeks, pushing up on his little fists now like a baby seal. But give him about 5 minutes and he's tired and drooping and fussing to be picked up or rolled over!



Laying in the Boppy pillow like this is a good compromise but I have to watch him closely because he will wiggle his way off this thing, either forward or backwards!


He is absolutely the chattiest little baby I've ever met. He loves the sound of his own voice and will talk to himself in his crib every morning when he wakes up. And he'll hold "conversations" with anyone who'll talk back to him.

You can be sure, if he's not liking something he'll let you know with some loud complaining!

Not at this moment however, silly boy!


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