Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9 1/2 Months

This is Mr. Personality.


He sees his reflection in the mirror and without fail, squeals happily each time. Not sure if it's because he sees himself, because he's sees a happy smiling baby or because if it's because he sees me...probably a combination of all three!

He smiles back at each person who even remotely looks his direction.

He's always quite flirty with everyone from the comfort of our arms and has only recently started having some separation anxiety with strangers (like the death grip on our necks when we try to put him down or crying for a minute when we leave him in the nursery for Sunday school).

This is Mr. Opinionated.

Allowing big brother to hold him, though you can tell he's plotting his escape!

If the tray is on the high chair, he shrieks if there is no food at the ready. And don't attempt to feed him with a utensil, he will block that spoon and knock all contents onto the floor. Food can either be offered directly onto the tray or on an open-palm, not unlike how one would feed a horse!

When his brother and sister are too close for his comfort (or if they are moving him from someplace he shouldn't be) there is definitely some complaining going on in the form of a sharp scream.

This is no longer the "Little Guy".


As per his doctor, who called him a "little guy" for the first six months, she says it appears he was simply a late bloomer and is now in the 80th percentile for height and weight. Mommy's little lump of love is a very heavy 20 lbs 7 oz to carry around now!

This is Mr. Trouble-Maker.


He broke a glass candleholder the other night. It was a sturdy three-wick candle and I would not have expected it to break upon contact of the carpeted floor but it did. My husband spent a good part of the evening combing through the carpet and vacuuming over and over.

He can't seem to keep himself away from the stairs. Despite the fact that he's actually really good at climbing, he doesn't know how to go down the stairs or that he could fall and should not be on the stairs at all!

This is Mr. Snuggle-Bug.

Reading with his big sister

Bottle-time is still snuggle time and after guzzling his 8 oz, he very often falls asleep in our arms. At night he occassionally wakes after sleeping just 30 minutes or so and just wants to be snuggled, rocked and sung to. Christmas songs seem to work the best (in the vein of Silent Night and not Jingle Bells!).

As an aside, I'm having a very hard with my pictures at Photobucket. They are still working on their site and in the meantime, resizing my images is hit or miss and the site keeps freezing up on me. So frustrating!! So I apologize if my photos are giganto...I have attempted to resize at least twenty times, no kidding. If this continues, I'll need to find another place to store my images.

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