Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inching Along

It crept up on me so quickly...



The night before (in between cupcake baking) I was still sewing a yarn mohawk and ironing stripes on shorts. I've never been so far behing on costume sewing before. I dropped making one costume (The Girl was with her mom this year) but picked up making another (Baby D's first Halloween).

The Boy came to me a month ago with a request for a Zebra costume. He wanted a striped mohawk so I figured the best way to create it was with a hoodie.

The big question: to use a white hoodie and sew on black stripes or a black hoodie and sew on white stripes? Since I couldn't find a white hoodie, that answered the question!

A rare shot of me and The Boy

I ironed and sewed down the white stripes with Heat & Bond Lite then sewed loops of yarn into a plastic canvas strip. I attached the yarn strip loosely to the hood because I have a feeling that The Boy is going to want to wear the hoodie but not with the yarn mohawk. Not a hard project, just time consuming.

Even though I'd told him I wouldn't have time to do pants, I did a quick ironing job on an old pair of soccer shorts and then he just wore a pair of The Girl's black leggings underneath.

He said he received a lot of compliments from his classmates about his costume. He likes that nobody else is wearing what he is and that makes the time worthwhile to me!



Baby D's costume was done quite a while ago. In fact, I probably made it too early because by the time Halloween rolled around, he'd nearly outgrown the outfit! Appropriate for the Very Hungry Caterpillar, no? He has also eaten a large corner off the page with the plums in the book, sheesh!

I used the book illustrations as a guideline, adding colorful ribbon alongside a yellow stripe and then layering the simple elasticized tube over a warm pair of fleece pants and a tee. The green colors matched much better in person.

A row of ribbon for the caterpillar's back

I used one of Baby D's beanie caps as a template for the Caterpillar's head, sewing on the eyes and nose. It took a quick 20 minutes, start to finish. Fortunately Eric Carle's illustrations are pretty casual and I could be a bit imperfect on the tailoring of the Caterpillar's features! I think he could continue to wear this cap for a while too. That is, of course, if he'll keep it on...he kept yanking the cap off and throwing it on the sidewalk while Trick-or-Treating!

I should have made a matching bib...


We went to my parent's house, as we always do on Halloween, for dinner and the walking through the neighborhood. My cousin and his wife and kids and my brother and nephew took the walk with my husband, me and the kids.

A Ninja, Superman, Cowgirl, Caterpillar, Lion and Zebra

It was fun, it always is. And next year, I hope to get things done costume-wise earlier than the night before...even if it's TWO nights before!

Because this last minute stuff is scary!


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