Saturday, January 5, 2013


Not the best way to start off the new year, but here I am.


I'm annoyed that I can't get the photos right on the blog. It makes me not want to bother with the photo editing and writing at all because I know what a pain it will be.

last day before Christmas vacation!!
My nephew & son on their last day of school before Christmas vacation.

I'm annoyed that the house hasn't closed escrow yet. Things are moving much slower than any of us had expected and it will be at least 15 more days. At least...grrr.

Dillon is helping me pack!

I'm annoyed that half the house is packed up and in boxes and that these boxes are piled up in every corner of every room. I just picture the new place in my mind and want to get things moved and situated already.

Walking around Lake Murray
We took a walk around Lake Murray, it was cold!

I'm annoyed that I can't stop craving sugar. I am a major sweet-tooth and I think I just can't have it around because I'll eat it all until it's gone and then I just crave it all the more. Why can't I crave a banana?

Snug as a bug in a rug
All cuddled up in a blanket, watching Barney

I'm annoyed that the current configuration of this apartment allows the baby free reign of the entire downstairs. We have a gate for the staircase but he's forever grabbing cell phones, remote controls, items off the counter, opening cabinets, dumping out the contents of drawers, opening the trash and throwing things in that don't belong (remote controls & toys) and removing things that need to remain inside (egg shells and coffee grounds, yuck!). It's a nonstop rotation of either keeping him distracted, pulling him away from things, playing with him, or belting him into the highchair (which he HATES!). I'm pooped.

Silent night...Merry Christmas everyone!
Sleepyhead on Christmas night

I'm annoyed with colds. I have a cough that won't leave. The baby has a runny nose that is now raw and irritated from being wiped which makes it that much more difficult to wipe it. He's clingy and wants to be held a lot. As in, all...night...long! My husband has a cold and he's a lousy sick person (aren't most men?). The Boy developed an ear infection this week. I'm ready for everyone to be healthy again.

he just looks so big now!!
A rare moment when he wasn't throwing food on the floor

Seeing all these happy faces on my camera phone pictures helps melt my stress though. I'm feeling less and less annoyed now. *sigh*

Home depot birdhouse project
Building birdhouses at Home Depot

And tomorrow at church I'll ask for relief. I need the peace inside me to help dissolved the stress that is causing all this annoyance. I need to pray and be thankful that we just have colds and otherwise are in good health. I need to remind myself that when the baby is tipping over the trashcan for the 10th time that day that he's simply curious and active and that someday I'll be glad that he's so determined.

Baby fuzz head
He woke up fluffy-headed and rosy cheeked

In the meantime, I'll just go to bed and start fresh in the morning!

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