Monday, January 7, 2013

Pinning my dream home - Living Room

It's always a popular theme of the new year...starting fresh with a new year means a new start as well. Time to make goals, get organized and put those resolutions into action. I love organization (though you'd beg to differ if you saw my desk!). The Container Store is my favorite place to shop. All those divided trays and baskets and snap-lid boxes make my heart go pitter-patter!

We have a bit of the whole "starting fresh" thing going on in our apartment as we pack and prepare for the move to our first home. Things are still hung up a bit getting the loan finalized, preparing for the appraisal and home inspection but they are still moving, slowly but surely! In the meantime, we move slowly but surely on our end as well, packing up random items that won't be missed if they are in a box. The apartment is starting to look a bit more barren and cluttered at the same time. When we finally do get an actual move-in-date things will move at a more rapid place, disassembling furniture and disconnecting equipment. I cleaned out the kid's closets this weekend and got most of the toys put away. I had to leave some out of course, as well as some books, because they still need to play and read up until moving day!

I've been "pinning" ideas for the new place and have decided upon a look that I just love. It's a modern rustic style, comfortable and warm yet clean and classy. Not "country" and not "sleek modern" but cozy and uncluttered with items that look like they've been used. A unique vintage look that is nature-inspired (lots of birds and leaves). My husband suggested "Real Tree" camo-patterned curtains in the bedroom, but that is definitely NOT the look I'm going for!

I haven't found an exact room that I'd want to replicate but I've found many rooms with great inspiration.

This space has great bead board on the walls and a great plate shelf. I like the weathered coffee table too.

We have leather sofas too. I like this round, whitewashed coffee table as well (we don't even have one currently!)

Love this rug design and wonderful texture. The hardest part would be choosing a color!

Love this wall art design with the collection of botanical prints and the mismatched side tables with the matching lamps.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Big heart around this vintage looking bird cage!

This is a lovely way to display a collection!

And these fabric the pop of orange, I must have some orange in my living room.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

As far as colors go, I'm still up in the air. I would like to put some paint on the walls but having a hard time commiting to which direction I want to go.

Very rich and warm...

More cool tones with a blue that I love...

And here is something with an orangey tone...

So I'm sure that the home decor will be slow moving while we get settled into the house but I will be itching to get some paint on the walls and some semblence of style into our home as soon as possible. We've both waited so long for our first home that making this house "our own" is really important to us. I'll be documenting all the progress on the blog, for sure. I hope you'll enjoy discovering our style as we go along!

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Mary said...

Very nice! Must be fun to plan everything from square one! you'll have to share the progress. I hope the process goes smoothly--homebuying never seems to go as it should :-/