Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No pictures? Please!

So I'm still in a bit of a funk.

Trying to keep my head above water and remind myself of the good. It's been a trying year so far!

Half the house is packed in boxes and stuffed into our master bedroom closet. I keep looking for things and then realizing they are packed. My camera USB cord? In a box. AAA batteries? In a box. The book that The Boy wanted to read? In a box.

It's all rather annoying, to be digging through boxes and unpacking things when we thought we'd be in our new place by now. Our realtor has some home ideas and he hopes to show us this week but it seems the engine has lost a bit of steam on that end and things are moving slower than I would like.

Seems like the 4 bedroom listings have slowed and we've opened up to the possibility of a 3 bedroom with the plan of adding on the extra room that we really want and need, so long as the price is right. We aren't really keen on having to do a ton of work, like a major kitchen remodel or knocking down walls but my husband is able to do anything and he'd be game for some rehab work.

The baby had a really difficult night last night. I think we slept a total of 2.5 hours. He had corn for the first time at dinner, so it could have been a digestive thing, I don't know. He was screaming for a straight hour so I thought he might have just had a bad dream, but then was just really restless and whiny the rest of the night. He wouldn't let me lay him down, he didn't want a bottle, he kept flopping his head around and changing positions. This morning he woke up with a smile but then was nodding off while watching Barney with The Boy as I got ready, poor guy! Hope tonight is smooth sailing and he sleeps all's been awhile and I'd love to get a full night's rest without having to get up multiple times.

After a week off between projects my husband is back to work at a new site. It's about an hour closer than the last one so it's wonderful to have him home so much earlier. And the savings on gas is nice too!

Though I still have an occassional cough, the flu seems to have passed and the rest of the household was spared! Unfortunately the antibiotic caused an allergic reaction and I have a weird red bumpy rash all over my chest and neck...really attractive, blech!

The Boy has been a total crab lately, feeling the tension of this whole homebuying experience I suppose. The excitement of having his own room and a yard to run around in has been shot and I don't blame him one bit. He's still struggling some with school as well and trying to find new friends. This morning he packed his lunch in his old lunch bag. It's a simple drawstring fabric bag that I made for him, red and black and embellished with an iron-on transfer of a boy holding a fish. He said it reminded him of when he was in kindergarten. He said he loved the bag and wants me to make him another one with a different transfer on it of crayons and art supplies. Awwww!!! Harkening back to the good ol' days, I guess, so sweet. I love that he still wants me to make things for him and he's not at that embarrassed stage yet. Not that he wants me to hold his hand or kiss his cheek in public anymore though!

And finally on my random thoughts: Happy Birthday to my dad today!! After 3.5 years on a daily medication to keep his renal cancer from growing, the doctor says the tumors have grown and the medication is no longer working. Dad started a more traditional chemo last week without any reaction. We have him in our prayers that the chemo continues to work well and with minimal side effects. Many more happy birthdays are needed for him...Bring on the carrot cake!

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Mary said...

I think I'd be in a funk as well :( To be so close, then have it slam shut. Bummer. But I know there is a good house for you out there, and I jus thope you find it soon! Hang in there, and keep pinning fun stuff ;-)