Friday, June 7, 2013

One and a half

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My sweet little baby boy is 18 months old. I cannot believe it, this time has really gone by much too quickly and he's now a toddler! Here's a little update so I can remember all these details. Being the third, he has no baby book, poor kid!

He's a hefty 28 lbs and in the 86th percentile for his height. He's already moved into size 2T.

He got his first "big guy" haircut a few weeks ago and lost all his little curls.

Sweet baby curls photo 942040_10201130543289176_58485907_n.jpg
Before the hair cut, long bangs and sweet baby curls!

It needed to be done though, it was really too long on his forehead. He didn't like the haircut at ALL!

Not diggin' it anymore! photo 933986_10201130546329252_62008274_n.jpg
During the hair cut

 photo 408442_10201152082307638_837610833_n.jpg
Afterwards, cute and short!

He is awesome at following directions like when we request that he clean up toys, grab a towel for his bath, or throw something in the trash. He's pretty typical however, when it comes to listening when we don't want him to do something, like jumping from the ottoman to the chair or tossing food from his high chair onto the floor!

He's still a particular eater, likes steak but not big on other meats. Likes a variety of veggies and some fruits but doesn't eat very much at a time. He prefers to snack frequently instead. Can't really take him to restaurants yet because after 15 minutes in the high chair he's clambering to be released!

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He is very attentive and watches everything we do. He has figured out how the filtered water in the fridge door works and if we aren't watching, he'll grab anything long that he can find to press on the lever and make water pour out! Yesterday I found him at the desk, having pulled a battery out of the package and was attempting to put it into a toy.

He still loves his books and frequently carries a book around the house, looking for someone to read to him. He's discovered the dinosaur figures that were The Boy's (and actually his older brother's before him!) and likes playing with those often.

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He likes music and has a great tempo. He bops his head right along to the beat. He has learned how to jump, which is quite cool for a toddler to be able to do. He actually gets both feet off the ground at the same time, very coordinated. I have 3-year old students in tumbling class that don't know how to do that yet.

Such pretty eyes! photo 525432_10201115272227409_923082697_n.jpg

His favorite thing right now is It's a Small World. He is fascinated with the song and I sing it multiple times to him at bedtime. He also wants to watch the YouTube videos of the Disneyland ride several times a day!

Since he had ear tubes put in surgically last month, his speech has improved quite a bit and he's attempting to say more words. He's not saying "no" yet but will just solemnly shake his head when he doesn't want to do something.

He has a very sweet heart. He likes to wave at strangers and frequently blows them kisses, which nearly always melts them! Every night he makes his rounds to each family member with a hug and kiss. He gives awesome smooches, perfectly puckered! Tonight as I rocked him before bed, he leaned in with his arm around my neck for a hug and kissed me several times on the cheek. Oh my little love, what a wonderful heart you have!

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