Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project Log - Backyard Adventures

Because our new house is small and rather warm when the oven is on, we have summer plans to eat outside quite a bit. We initially purchased this patio set from Sears but then also bought a set of wooden patio chairs & tables from a local guy who handcrafts them. Danny thought the Sears set was thus redundant and returned it. I'm a little crabby about that because we lost a table and now have to balance our plates on our knees to eat, which I hate. I'm going to lobby for a picnic table, at the very least.

 photo 075-3_zps931ba79d.jpg Our first outdoor dinner, sitting around the table we no longer have, hmph!

 photo 022_zps3e9d2fca.jpg New patio set

We do get a lovely breeze out here.

 photo 074-4_zps9f76e341.jpg

I am loving these melamine plates from Target and after about 8 trips to 3 different stores (not joking) I finally found a total of 12. I much prefer a solid plate over paper plates any day. I was also able to get four bowls and a set of tiny bowls. The pattern is so pretty and it matches the rather bright plastic cups we bought on a whim at Costco. I don't know what I was thinking, the glasses are soooo bright but fortunately they coordinate with the plates and the colors all make sense now.

We have ideas that we've been tossing around in regards to the backyard but nothing in the process. Danny would like to sell the palm tree and have it removed from the lower section of the lot. He also would like to pull out the cypress and one of the tiny fruit trees that appears to be fruitless and not in the best of shape.

 photo 002-24_zps1c77f0bb.jpg

We really still need a fence to block off the ledge that separates the upper and lower yards and a gate across the "stairs". Well we used to have stairs (crummy round concrete blocks and gravel, not really stairs at all). When Danny borrowed the Bobcat he had to pull out all the block to make a graded path for the equipment, so the stairs are gone now.

 photo 001-25_zpsf40514be.jpg

This is our covered patio, where we've set the furniture set.

 photo 055-4_zps3c8d9be7.jpg

This is the patch in front of the patio on the right side of the yard.

 photo 057-2_zps930ed1bb.jpg

This is the left side of the yard, next to the patio. Danny has removed all the bark and in the next few months we'll be putting in some planters along the edges and grass in the center.

 photo 056-9_zps2c6ff810.jpg

 photo 003_zps1e773f46.jpg The Bobcat accidentally hooked on the neighbor's fence and tore it out...oops!

Next up in the plans, a barbeque!

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