Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two fun wins!

Last Saturday two of my recent Pinterest wins came in the was like Christmas in July!

First up, from the King's Hawaiian Brings Us Together contest. Here is my winning board.

I was one of five winners, announced on their blog. I won a year's worth of King's Hawaiian bread (sent in coupons that can be used at the grocery store) as well as a $100 gift certificate to use in their online shop. So far we have just eaten the slices straight from the bag (they are THAT good!), we took a package of rolls to a party (where they promptly disappeared), we have served hot dogs with their buns and we made the best French Toast ever! Seriously, we made an entire loaf of French Toast last night for dinner and there wasn't a bit leftover. It doesn't even need butter, it was so yummy with just a drizzle of agave nectar.

 photo 001_zps8cb5723a.jpg

 photo 002_zpsd534900f.jpg

 photo 003_zps898d2fa4.jpg

Thank you King's Hawaiian, my family is loving having the constant stock of your bread in our kitchen (it doesn't last long, let me tell you!).

And then a sweet bag of joy, from the Tea Collection. I've admired their clothes for years but never got a chance to try them out...until now! I was one of three winners in the Celebrating Summer with Tea contest, my winning board here. Their announcement here. I was able to choose $148 worth of clothes to divide between the three kids. The Boy got three tees, Baby D got two and The Girl chose two dresses and a pair of cropped leggings.

 photo 007_zps0ac6c8f9.jpg

 photo 005_zpsc1c5bb36.jpg

I will have to take some shots of the kids wearing them. I chose this awesome panda tee for The Boy. He couldn't contain a smile when he saw it and it's in his favorite color. The Girl loved this lovely dress which she said reminded her of origami.

Thank you again Tea Collection. Now that I have the clothes in hand, I know I'll be back for more! The quality is wonderful and styles are so unique and creative...definitely not what you see every other kid wearing, which I love.

Interested in entering contests of your own? Read my blog post, "Maybe You Never Knew...I Enter Contests" for some of my winning tips.

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