Monday, September 2, 2013

Last week of Vacation-Knotts Berry Farm

Last week I took some time off to stay at home with the kids and to work a bit from home instead of going into the office. I loved being able to wake before them, work a bit before they got up, work through their breakfast, take a break for errands or to play and then work for a few more hours during the baby's nap. I loved it!

Fortunately my time at home coincided with a rare few days off during the week for my husband. He has been working in another county, a 3-4 hour round-trip drive every day. He wakes at 3:30am and returns around 7pm after a ten-hour work day, six days a week. Between phases, they offered him a few days off.

A rare summer family weekday together. photo 1174347_10201807739178650_202671050_n.jpg

Needless to say, a few days off were much needed! But instead of sitting around our 89 degree house, we drove north a bit and decided to take the kids to an amusement park. We spent the night before in Anaheim. The Girl had never been to Knott's Berry Farm, The Boy and I hadn't been since he was around 3 and my husband hadn't been since he was a child. We found great online ticket prices and were able to get in for the day under $150 total.

 photo 051_zps21d51156.jpg

 photo 052_zpsc87c17fc.jpg
Camp Snoopy

The park wasn't very crowded and occasionally we found spots that were near empty.

 photo 082_zpsb3c41de0.jpg
In the Camp Snoopy area for the little ones we were usually able to walk right on the rides. For the more intense rides, waits were never longer than 20 minutes.

 photo 067_zps43beece4.jpg

 photo 061_zps7a9d1356.jpg
He squealed all the way through this one!

 photo 073_zps5c1ea0d9.jpg
Think he might have liked this one?

We started with a few mild rides in Camp Snoopy and then while the baby slept, the big kids and dad darted from roller coaster to thrill ride around the park.

This is my absolute favorite photo of the day, The Boy looking like he's about to DIE! He was really having a blast, I think he just enjoys screaming his head off!

 photo 056_zps9e5375cd.jpg

The X-Cellerator is pure insanity. I've been on this coaster about 15 years ago and let's just say nicely, my lunch left me immediately afterwards!

 photo 085_zpsfef59f7e.jpg

 photo 086_zps7b5ea4a1.jpg

 photo 087_zps0da03a6d.jpg
She loved it! And no, the ride didn't blow her hair bows off...Dad removed them before the ride just in case!

We took a break mid-day to walk over to Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant and stuffed ourselves with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, boysenberry pie and all the warm biscuits and boysenberry jam we could eat!

The park has all these old statues of ladies on many of the benches throughout the park. My parents have a picture of me at about 4 years old (wearing green plaid bell-bottoms!), sitting on the lap of one of these lady statues. It's a fun little photo op, which my husband enjoyed taking advantage of.

 photo 088_zpsc7a70c61.jpg

 photo 077_zpscbdefced.jpg

 photo 058_zpsd6786c98.jpg

It was nice to get away together. Now...back to reality; School starts tomorrow!

 photo 111_zps8bfb35a8.jpg

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Mandy Oviatt said...

Sorry I keep deleting my posts. My keyboard is acting funky.

Anyway, what I've been trying to say is that it looks like you guys had a blast in New York. I love Nerds, they are my favorite non-chocolate candy.

And, I absolutely adore the tile mural. It looks so much cleaner and nicer than what I would expect to see in a NYC Subway.