Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Sweet Solution

So after I left the resale shop yesterday (see below), I was in tears. I called my mom and told her what happened. Mostly I was upset because I was counting on having money from the sales to use for the weekend. We are going to Las Vegas on a mini-vacation and with making the last payment on my divorce and having my sewing machine repaired, I was out nearly $500 this month and have absolutely no spending money for the trip ("hey kids, you don't really want to EAT on our vacation, do you?")
My mom reasurred me that it would be okay, my dad had set money aside for the trip and they would fill in with whatever we needed for the weekend. So...big sigh, I was feeling wiped out but okay by the time I got home from work that evening.

My little guy saw me pull up and ran to the fence to say hi. "Did you get a ticket Mom?"
What? A ticket? "No, I didn't get a ticket", I tell him laughing.
"Grandma says that lady didn't give you a ticket. You don't have a ticket for Las Vegas?"
Oh, he must have overheard my mom's conversation with me this afternoon. "It's okay, sweetie, we have the tickets for Las Vegas. We're still going."
He smiled coyly and said, "I have a ticket for you Mom, stay right there!" and then ran in the house. He returned a minute later, holding a dollar bill.
"I have this ticket for you for Las Vegas. I took it from my Piggy".

Awww, what a little sweetie pie! My mom told me later that when he heard I was upset about not getting any money from the woman at the shop, he went in his room and took the dollar out and told my mom he was going to give me the "ticket".
"He couldn't wait until you got home Julie", my mom told me, "he was so excited to give you the money".
Well, just that nice little gesture from my son really made a crummy day so much sweeter, that's for sure!

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