Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kiss the...Bacon?

My little guy and I went to Denny's for dinner last night. He had a postcard for a free meal from the Birthday Club. Thank goodness the waitress didn't ask about his birthday, I've been holding onto that card since he turned 4 in December! LOL
Since Denny's doesn't have his favorite broccoli cheddar soup on the menu anymore he decided upon the French toast sticks with a sausage and bacon slice. I am so very lucky to have been blessed with a fantastic eater. I've never had to cajole or beg him to try anything, he'll eat whatever is put in front of him and has a wonderful appetite. Let's just say he didn't get it from me, the Queen of Picky. But I tried from the start to offer him a wide variety, without fuss or pressure, and he's always at least taken a taste of something. He doesn't care for either baked or mashed potatoes, but that's about the only thing I can think of that I put on his plate that he doesn't really eat. For the most part he enjoys eating and always thanks us for cooking meals and readily cleans his plate.
Back to the breakfast for dinner...he picks up the bacon and declares loudly, "I LOVE bacon!" and proceeds to kiss the crispy slice, so silly! Then onto the French toast, sighing over each syrupy bite. After he was done the waitress told us that with the free meal he could have a sundae. He chose strawberry and when it came, he took the cherry off the top and has a repeat performance the same as the bacon, kissing the cherry, eating the cherry and then kissing the stem! Such a goof-ball! After a few scoops of sundae, he looks across at me and says, "I wish you would share this with me". Sigh! So sweet, and of course I obliged :)
Here is my silly guy, posing at the Sea World tide pools this past weekend. He's wearing a darling outfit from Carol of tictactogs. And yes, he'll eat seafood too!

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