Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So the day finally came and we went to the movies last night, my little guy and me. He's always so good at the movies, I think he just gets such a big kick out of going to the theatre. He really enjoyed the movie, as did I! On the way home I had to stop at the fabric store (of course! LOL) and get buttons and I bought him a blank sketchbook. The moment we got home he started on page one of the book and drew scenes from the film. I was amazed at the details he was able to remember, like how certain machines looked and what color the emblem on the Captain's hat was?! He's a hoot, and it kept him busy for a while...long enough for me to sew on those buttons!

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sharonj1017 said...

That is so sweet! I bet his drawings are amazing...he always draws so well!

I loved the movie so much too, and I knew you would, with the references to Hello Dolly! I know how you love old movies. I cracked up at that scene where he found the hubcap and used it as a hat for the dancing scene!