Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I should have just sold it on Ebay!

If you were a business and had a new store policy, wouldn't you make sure everyone knew about it? Wouldn't you tell people when they called? Wouldn't you post a big sign about the change?
I went to a children's resale shop today on my lunch break to sell a bunch of Ian's Gymbo clothes and shoes he'd outgrown. Everything was in a great shape, I washed everything, scrubbed the shoes with a Magic Eraser, no spots, no stains, all wonderful condition. I called the shop yesterday to verify their store buying times and what they were accepted. No baby clothes under 12 months? No problem, I took those out of my stack. I checked their website this morning and read over the policies again. They take 50% cash, 60% store credit. Sounded good to me! I clocked out from work just after 11am and drove to the shop.
It was packed full of ladies with the same idea. I checked in with the gal behind the counter (the owner I later found out) and she handed me the clipboard with the top two pages folded back and had me sign in and told me it might be a while. I wandered around the store, read the store policies again which were posted on the desk and wandered around some more. I noticed that some people who had come in after me were being taken first so I asked if my name had been skipped and she said that those people were selling equipment which took less time to review than clothes. So...on I waited. Over an hour I stood in that store waiting to be called. Finally! They took my two baskets back and I waited for them to tell me the amount. The owner eventually came out and said they could give me $52 store credit. Credit, no I didn't need the credit, I would rather take the cash. Sorry, she tells me, they aren't buying for cash on clothing right now, only store credit. I said that I'd reviewed their policies posted on the desk and online and it didn't say anything about only accepting clothing for credit. She said that with the economy, blah blah blah they had changed the policy and it was written on the clipboard and she showed me on the first page where it was written at the bottom of the list of sign ups. I said, "You folded that page back when you had me sign in, I never saw the new policy". Of course, by this time, I was getting emotional. When I get angry, I start to cry, darn it, so I was going to lose it big time. I was so mad after waiting all this time and now I was only going to get store credit for a shop with baby clothes (and you can't even use the credit for outdoor toys, probably the only thing I would ever buy there!). I told her, badly holding back my tears, that if she'd told me the new policy upfront I never would have waited so long, nearly two hours by this point. She asked me if I'd called before coming in and I told her yes. She said, "oh, they are supposed to mention the new policy on the phone, sorry I wish there was something I could do". UGH, you can give me the cash, woman!! In any case, I was so disappointed and upset by this time that I just left, my measly $52 credit logged into her system. She said as I was leaving, "Maybe if someone is having a baby shower, you could come in and use your credit that way!" Yeah, just what I want to do lady, give used clothing at a baby shower, humph!!

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KJ said...

THAT is so WRONG! I would have thrown a bigger fit, but I am sure you were exhausted! You should scream high and low the store name. Put it here, put it on your facebook, but it all over. Call the BBB. Maybe that will teach them to POST NEW POLICY! What horrible customer service. So much for the customer is always right, huh?