Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Emptying my thoughts

I can't decide what to write about today. Should I mention to vote, today being the culmination of 18 months of political pummeling? Should I write about how instead of watching the polical race on television tonight we are going to the casino for dinner? (bring on the buffet!) Should I mention that my Gymboree online shopping cart won't let me remove anything? I have to completely log out and start over and can't remove anything once I put it there or have to start all over again, anyone else having this problem? Maybe I should talk about how I'm wearing a sweater for the second day in a row, that it poured rain this morning and how we finally are down in the 70s after having months of 90 degree weather? I'd love to talk about how I want to buy my boys a Wii for Christmas (I mean, Santa wants to bring the boys one...ahem!) but unless I get a bonus or sell like crazy on Ebay, I don't see how I'll be able to swing it, so that's just frustrating. And talk about frustrating, don't get me started about how my divorce paperwork is going!

Well, I guess I didn't have any problem writing once I got started, did I? :)

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