Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Italian Imposter

I have a Facebook page, though I don't really have the time to play the games or chat much. Mostly I'm in contact with my cousins, the mothers from my parenting group and a few people I went to high school with. However this morning I received a "friend request" from someone with my same last name. This is my married last name and though I will soon not be married anymore, I will be keeping this last name. It is a nice Italian last name and people joke that I am royalty, as it is the same last name as the Royalty in Monaco (and Grace Kelly!). My father-in-law Vito was from Bari, Italy and he married my mother-in-law, becoming my husband's stepfather and Vito gave my husband his last name.

In any case, the friend request on Facebook today is someone I've never met, not a relative on my (soon to be ex-) husband's side of the family, but just someone with the same last name who happens to be from ITALY. He wrote me a note and said that I had a nice looking family and that he has two children and lives in Napoli. I wrote back thank you, that I live in California and wished him a Happy Birthday (since I noticed it's on Friday). He immediately wrote back and asked if I've ever been to Italy. I said no, but that it's always been a dream of mine. He wrote back, "Sometimes dreams get true!"

How cute is that? I have a little Italian friend. And apparantly I have more than one because two more Italian men who are friends with my new friend added me to their list as well! I think it's funny that I am not one bit Italian, my sons are not one bit Italian, my ex is not one bit Italian, yet we all have this Italian last name. And now because of it, I have a small connection to Italy :)

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