Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little White Tooth

A little white tooth had some dirt on her dress
And she cried, for 'twas ugly to see.
Along came a toothbrush with paste on his back
And he said "Do not cry, look at me"
And he brushed and he brushed with his bristles and paste
Until she was bright as could be!
And she said, "Oh, I thank you and please come again,
for I like to be pretty, you see!"

My little guy was headed to the bathroom last night for tooth brushing and my mom spontaneously sang this sweet little tooth brushing song. I'd not heard her sing it in a great many years so I made her sing it three times in a row, enjoying the memory. My mom would sing me that song to me as a child and her mother had sung it to her as a child. I'm sure my 100-year old grandmother would still remember it if I prompted her to sing it! It was so wonderful, how that little song brought back such a wave of happy thoughts and emotion. I was near tears hearing that song again, remembering sitting on my mom's lap as a child while she helped me brush my teeth.

I'm feeling nostalgic I suppose, my little guy will be turning 5 in a few weeks. We noticed that he has one slightly wiggly tooth right in the front so it won't be too long till the Tooth Fairy has her first visit to our house.

Here is a picture of him way-back-when, with his set of brand new pearly whites.

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