Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Boy with the big brown eyes

My grandparents are 100 and 101. Up until August 07, they lived at home alone but after my grandpa had a fall they required 24-hour home care. They live close to us but with all the winter illness we've not been able to see them for about 2 months, we've either had a cold or they have.
Last night my aunt called and mentioned that my grandparents have been asking why my son hasn't been over to see them, referring to my just-turned-5 year old. My aunt said, "they ask everytime I'm there, a few times a week, where is the boy with the big brown eyes? They love him so much, do you think you could go over and see them soon?"
Ever since my son has been a baby, he has happily sat next to his great-grandparents on the couch, chatted with them, and allowed them to kiss him and hug him as much as they want. He's never pulled away from them when they squeeze his arms with their bony hands or kissed them when they didn't even have their teeth in! They don't always remember his proper name, so they call him "the boy with the big brown eyes". And I know they just think that is so sweet that he will sit there with them, as do I! Occasionally he'll say something, like "Wow, Great-Grandma, you sure have a lot of wrinkles!" which just makes my grandma throw her head back and roar with laughter. Sometimes my grandpa will squeeze my son and hold his cheeks tight and just stare at those big brown eyes and my son will patiently wait and smile right back.
And so this weekend we will go over for a visit. My son will sit between the two of them and allow them to snuggle him for a while before he asks if he can go outside to play. And they will be happy, that they were able to share that bit of time with "the boy with the big brown eyes".


April *forevermyangel* said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL story. Actions like these are what cherished memories are made of.

Sonja said...

my youngest was the same with my grandparents - he was always the one who let them hug and kiss him and never acted to shy or afraid - he would say "lets go visit the old people". I really miss that since my grandad passed away - it is a special should put that in his baby book so you never forget...