Monday, January 26, 2009

Cough, cough

My poor little guy is sick again. He has a fever that comes and goes, a wet cough, he's a little more subdued (I don't mind that part! LOL) and he really wants to be snuggled (I don't mind that part either!). He's spent the week on the sofa, playing Wii and watching cartoons but not wanting to play outside or eat much. I can tell he's lost some weight and on a small child who is already on the slender side, it's noticable. His collarbone is a bit sharper and his eyes look even larger than usual!
His older stepbrother and I went to a school open house this weekend. It's a private Catholic elementary and I wanted to get the information about tuition and registration since my little one will be starting kindergarten this fall. I just know he's going to love going to school! He's a very clever and smart guy, though I still get nervous about his education since he's not gone to preschool. I think that once he gets into a school situation, he'll pick up the lessons very quickly, he really loves to learn. And I can't wait to see him in his adorable school uniform!

With him sick for so many weeks and us having wetter-than-usual weather, I've not taken new pictures in a while. Here is one from a few years ago (and a few cameras ago too!). You can buy this shirt custom sized on Etsy (see link on left)

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Sonja said...

my three have been sick for a week and a half now with the cough/fever combo - it's youngest starts preschool this year and I am feeling the nervous butterflies even though I have been through it twice - there is something about sending the baby off to school...mine go to Catholic school too and the uniform still melts my heart...I am sure your son will do fine...