Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thinking ahead

It has been over a month since my ex has called to talk to the boys. I have told him that it's up to him to call and keep in touch. The last time they talked was at Christmas, when he was here to visit.

In about a month and a half my divorce will be final. After nearly 4 years separated, the final chapter couldn't come soon enough.

In 2 months my son will play in his first Little League game. After how well he played in soccer, I'm looking forward to baseball season!

In 4 months it will be one year since the doctors told my dad that he had a year to live. So far he's doing well on the chemo medication and the side effects are lessening each month he takes the treatment.

In 5 months it will be the day we were supposed to take our big Walt Disney World vacation, cancelled when we got the news about my dad. Can't really plan a fancy vacation across the country when you get the "year-left-to-live" sentence :(

In about 8 months my little boy will be starting kindergarten. I don't even want to think that far ahead!

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