Monday, June 16, 2008

I like...Golf?!

Okay, so I LOVE to watch sports. I love baseball, football, just about any Olympic sport that's on but this weekend we got wrapped up into a whole new sporting world... golf! I've never watched it before. Always looked slow as molasses and boring. So this weekend the US Open is at Torrey Pines, just a hop-skip-and-jump down the freeway from me, exciting! Our city looked beautiful, the ocean shots are gorgeous and apparantly golfer like the marine layer? At least that is what the broadcasters said, they like that cool, foggy, overcast gloom? Probably the only people that do!
We watched on Saturday, all day. My dad started chanting, "Come on Tiger, come on Tiger, you can do it". My mom was rooting for Mediate, the underdog. These people, watching GOLF, we've never even watched one moment of it in our lives and here we were, cheering them on! I was sewing and would tell my mom to tell me when Tiger came up to putt so I could look up and see it.
A few notes about golf: It moves faster than you would think. I expected it to be a slow paced games but watching it on TV, they are cutting back and forth from each golfer so there is always something going on. On that note, there are also not a lot of commercials, a big difference from football which practically takes commercial breaks during their commercial breaks! And surprisingly, golf is pretty darned exciting, lots of oohs and ahhs when putts would rim the cup and sunk into a sandtrap. We jumped up and clapped when Tiger tied the match just like we did when the Padres hit the grand slam the other night!
In any case, I guess I'm more open to learning about new things. Golf first, what's next?

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KJ said...

I like watching, too! I tell ya, Tiger changed the face of golf for our generation.