Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer is coming!

I'm not a "warm-weather" gal. I'm not really the one to sit outside tanning or swimming (I'm the one under the umbrella, wearing SPF 60). I'd much prefer being bundled up under a blanket, sewing all day than at the beach shaking sand out of my hair! But there are some things I do like about summer...I like that the sun stays up later so that the kids can play outside longer (and I can sew a few extra minutes!). I like that we use the BBQ more often. I like that the amusement parks we frequent have summer-hours and stay open later into the night. I like that the summer holidays often include swimming for the boys, cute sandals and twirly skirts for me and it's an excuse to break out my big straw hat. So, three cheers for summer!!

Two of my special boys enjoyed a popsicle outside this weekend.


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