Friday, May 21, 2010

Call me!!

Carrying a cell phone everywhere is fairly new for me. In fact, I never really used my cell phone until my fiance put me on his phone plan and picked out a basic phone for me. We don't have anything fancy, no GPS tracking, or internet, not even texting. I wouldn't even use any of those features even if I had them on my phone, so that's all okay. I'm just fascinated that the phone tells me who is calling before I answer!

Yeah, yeah, I know that's Caller ID and it's been around for a long time. But my parents are old-school and don't have Caller ID on the home phone. So yes, everytime the phone rings there is still that startle-reflex...WHO IS ON THE OTHER END? Could it be Aunt Teresa calling from Iowa? Or a telemarketer? Is it the school calling to say my son is sick and needs to be picked up? Or could it be someone taking a political survey? Is it good news, or bad? One might never know, until we answer the phone!

I love the option of Caller ID on my cell phone. If I don't recognize the number, then most likely it's someone calling for "Tammy", the deliquent who had the phone number before I had it. "Tammy" apparantly didn't pay her bills, thus the many bill collectors calling to speak with her (and the likely reason she doesn't have the phone number anymore!). I still answer the phone though and let the person calling know that Tammy doesn't have the number anymore because if I don't they will keep calling...and calling...and calling...

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