Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been thinking about this issue a lot...Why are some people content and others struggle to find their happiness? Why do some people feel satisfied with how their lives are progressing and others struggle because their lives aren't turning out exactly how they planned? Why can one person be so happily full of life and the next person be so miserably empty of joy?

Snuggling with Grandpa - 2006

Why can certain people feel a song in their hearts when they hold a sleeping baby, or when they see light shining through the clouds like rays from the Heavens, or when a particularly difficult task is finally complete? Yet other people can only see the "glass half empty" side of these same scenarios ("I can't get anything done around the house if I keep holding this baby" or "Those look like rain clouds" or "Finally got that job done, but there will be even more to do tomorrow").

Happy Boy - 2004

Are these people feeling empty because they are trying to plan their own lives instead of following the path that God is leading them down? Are they unable to find contentment because they have their minds set on something completely different than He has already carved for them? Certainly we were all given free-will to do with ourselves as we decide. Maybe the next time that we are feeling crabby and stressed out about something being out of our hands, remember who's hands our lives are really in and let it go. Easier said than done for sure, but something to think about just to see where it takes us when He guides us instead of us attempting to do what we think He wants us to do.

Brothers - 2004

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