Thursday, May 27, 2010


I don't have any early pictures of him on my computer because, well, I don't think digital cameras were around back then!

But I've been taking care of this face since 1998.

Stelzer Park, Summer 2004

And this week he turned 12. I can hardly stand it.

Las Vegas, Summer 2008

Disneyland, Winter 2009

Lake Morena, Summer 2009

Lover of anime, amazing sketch artist, fan of all colors of duct tape, entrepenuer (seller of hampsters and duct tape wallets), with shaggy hair that is so thick water rolls off the top without ever reaching the scalp, constantly bare-footed and cartwheeling or upside-down in some manner, sloppiest eater I've ever met, and the boy who gives the bestest snuggly hugs and always says "I love you" a hundred times in a weekend!

Happy 12th birthday to my stepson, may the teen years be kind to ya!

Swimming, Summer 2009

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