Monday, June 18, 2012

Nervous...and excited

The Boy's school shut down for good last week. After 50 years, his sweet little Catholic school closed. It was certainly a sad day for many. We've grown close to the families we've come to know over the last three years. Many of them are moving together to another Catholic school, so I'm happy that some will start third grade together.


We had a fun party at the park after school complete with a bounce house and a lovely cake that featured all their happy faces. When we left, one of the boys hugged my son and moped, "Goodbye, I'll never see you again" in just about the saddest voice ever. I sure hope that's not true!


I've asked my son how he feels about the changes. His response: "Nervous...and excited". He's been asking questions that I don't always know how to answer. I'm in the same boat as he is, pretty much, but I try and answer him without showing how little I know about the situation. He wants to know where his classroom will be, who his teacher is and where he'll eat lunch?

He is used to his small school, where there is only one classroom per grade, where he knew all the teachers and they all knew him, and where there was only one lunch area and everyone ate together (preceeded by prayers, of course).


My mom took him to the new public school (which is just down the block from where she lives). My nephew attends the school right now so he was able to show The Boy where the third grade class rooms and the lunch area are. He told him that there will be a board on the first day of school that shows a list of students and who the teacher will be.

We're going to miss all these familiar faces

I'm glad he's not just nervous. Nervousness is to be expected...heck, I'm nervous too! I'm sure that will only build for the both of us as the first day approaches.

But I'm very happy to hear that.

"Make new friends but keep the is silver and the other, gold"

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