Monday, October 13, 2008


My home computer crashed about 2 weeks ago and my brother is fixing it at his work. Unfortunately it's become more of a "back burner" sort-of thing and not a high-priority. But I WANT my computer back!! I have photos sitting in my camera that I've not been able to upload to the computer, I have launches to list but can't because I don't have the pictures uploaded, and I have launch templates to work on but can't because I can't get into Photoshop (are you sensing the trend here?)
Truly, I know that I'm getting more painting and sewing done at night because I don't have the interruption of checking emails 20 times or mindlessly surfing the Web. However, when I need to color match a fabric online to something I'm painting or trying to remember if I used red or white thread to topstitch on a sample, having a computer at hand would be nice!

UPDATE! We ordered a new computer last night, should be here next week, hurray!

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Tiff said...

UGH!!! I know the feeling of being without! It kills me when we have computer issues. Especially when we are at the mercy of someone else!