Monday, October 20, 2008

The proper way to enjoy chocolate

Sitting here, sucking the last of my little Ghiradelli's dark chocolate square off my fingers. I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate but well, chocolate is chocolate and beggers can't be choosers when they crave something sort-of sweet! My friend offered my one from her stash and since I'm trying to be a good eater, I went for it. Dark chocolate is good for the heart, right? :)

I was reminded of a conversation we had with a coworker a few weeks ago. My officemate friend had received a lovely gift box from a vendor full of wonderful Swiss chocolate he'd brought back from his vacation. We spent the afternoon slowly tasting each different piece, from the hazelnut cream-filled milk chocolate to the flakey little chocolate cookies. One of the men from our warehouse came through our office and caught us savoring the yummy chocolate so my friend offered him one. That darned man, he took the whole piece, tossed it in his mouth, and CHEWED it! I'm sorry, but you do not chew delectible Swiss chocolate. Swiss chocolate must melt at your own body temperature. Swiss chocolate must be slowly sucked on and licked from the fingers. Teeth do not touch Swiss chocolate. Believe me, we let him hear about exactly how Swiss chocolate should be eaten after that! Of course, now he thinks we are a pair of crazies.


Whimsy Portraits said...

laughing....loved the horror of him chewing the chocolate.'ve been TAGGED!

Tiff said...

That's a great halloween story LOL!