Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mommy Guilt

I'm going to the movies with friends after work today. The last movie I saw in the theatre was WALL*E with my 4yo. Today we are seeing The Secret Life of Bees. Though I do leave the house for 9 hours a day to go to work, other than a quick stop at the fabric store or a run to Target on the drive home, for the most part I am in the company of my son. Granted, a portion of that time consists of me behind the sewing machine and him playing in the same room because, well I need to pay the bills! Weekends are commited to him and his brother (my stepson who stays with us on Sat/Sun). Evenings out with friends are few and far between, maybe once every few months. My parents take care of my son while I'm working and when I do make "grown-up plans", they watch him then too. I have no other options for childcare. My husband & I have been separated for over 3 years and he lives out of state, so having my son stay with him is not in the picture. And since I live with my parents, hiring a babysitter would be silly and awkward. My parents have never said anything about my going out. I give them advance notice, call when I'm out, make sure things are taken care of, etc. So why do I feel so guilty going out once in a while? I don't go on dates, I go to work and I go home and I take my son with me most everywhere else. Is this just a single mom thing or do happily married moms who leave the kids home with their husbands get this guilty feeling too?

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Tiff said...

I was a single mom for 8 years. yes i felt guilty. I never went anywhere without my daughter unless she was at her dad's. Now that she has two brothers. I never get to go out with my husband. And asking my parents or anyone else for that matter makes me feel guilty too. I guess may because i'm the mom i shouldn't be pawning my kids on anyone. But we have to have time to ourselves. If you don't your going to feel lonely, frustrated, and tad angry with your life. Go ahead get out and have a good time. You deserve it!!!