Thursday, October 2, 2008

Waiting & refreshing

I emailed someone last Friday and have been waiting on pins and needles for the response. 20 times a day (ha! What am I kidding, more like 50), I refresh my email, hoping and praying for their response. Zip, zilch, nada, nothing, no response at all yet. It was very hard for me to take the leap and even send this email and to not even receive a teensy response, well...that's made me really disappointed. I just wanted some kind of response, a yes, no, maybe, just something to let me know that my email was even received. Instead I sit wondering if my email even went out or perhaps it's lost in space somewhere or it's really been receiving and now I'm driving myself crazy that now I've possibly made myself look like a fool by sending that email in the first place. And so I try to erase it from my mind, pretend that I didn't even send it, all the while checking, refreshing, praying...

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