Monday, October 6, 2008

A puzzle box puzzle

My son got a new puzzle this weekend. In order to open a puzzle box, you have to score along the edge of the underside of the box. Sometimes I run the open scissor's pointed edge right along the ridge and in a cinch, the box opens wonderfully. Not this time...I had a terrible time finding the ridge that separates the top of the box from the bottom and ended up scoring right into the bottom of the box and had to tape the entire mess back together! It was so frustrating. Why do they make puzzle boxes like that? They don't make board games like that! Can you imagine having to slice into a box of Candyland or Chute and Ladders like you do with a puzzle? Or what if your box of rice or cereal came like that, what a mess!

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Tiff said...

LOL I have done that many times. My puzzles are all now in plastic bags with the picture cut out and in there too so I know what the puzzle is.