Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kickin' It...Soccer Style

The Boy started soccer last week. This is his third year of playing. He has said, "I like baseball... but I LOVE soccer."

This year, Blue Whales

I played soccer for 5 years, most of which my dad was the coach. Having a dad who is a coach is a mixed blessing; You get to have that bonding time with dad but it involves running practice drills at home before he plays them out for real with the rest of the team! I wouldn't trade my soccer memories for anything, I loved all of it. But I stopped playing when I was 12 and thus traded in my soccer cleats for ballet shoes.

Last year, The Bolts (gotta love that headband, it became his signature)

The Boy's soccer coach this year was also his Little League coach. He also happens to be the dad of one of my son's classmates. Needless to say, I'm glad that the Boy is in good hands and can be comfortable with his familiar coach because my son has some anxiety issues. Any way that we can ease with transitions, the better.

Oh mercy me...this was him three years ago on The Ball Frogs. He was sooooo tiny!!

Game 1 - I think the Boy was half asleep, honestly. He was standing on the field, clasping his hands together nervously.
I called out to him, "Run up to the BALL!".
I swear the look on his face pretty much told me, "Ball? What's a ball?"

Corner kick

Half time - the Boy says, "This is hard work this year!"

Final score - Tied 1-1 (and that was only because one of our kids accidentally scored for the other team).

Game 2
- Had to leave the house at 7:15 am (so much for sleeping in on a Saturday). It was still quite foggy with a mist in the air. But I think it helped to wake up the boys because they were much livelier this game.

The goals hadn't been delivered on time so the coaches did three periods instead of four. The Boy was thrilled to be able to play Goalie for the final period. He stopped the ball three times. A kid on the other team didn't get the memo that you can't harass the goalie and continued to kick the ball even as my son was laying on the grass, ball curled up in his arms!

Wearing the Goalie uniform

Final score - We won, 1-O.

And I have to throw in this image because just looking at the randomness of the kids on the field just makes me giggle.


The goalie is throwing the ball and the other team isn't paying the slightest bit of attention. Love the expression on that one kid; I'm thinking he was slightly dejected that his attempt was stopped by the goalie.

Every players favorite part, running through the "bridge" at the end of each game

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